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Bye bye conference, hello shopping!

SES New York has come to an end, which gives me now a whole day to get some shopping done! With the dollar being so incredibly worthless low, it´s like a giant sale in every shop 🙂
I even think about bringing home a MacBook Air, since it´s only about half the price – I don´t really need a new laptop at the moment, but it´s so incredibly cheap, I just can´t resist 🙂

This was actually my 4th year at SES New York, and I´ll definetly be back next year – what a great conference! Big hat tip to Kevin and Matt!

Here are some last pics from the Webmasterradio SearchBash at Spotlight:

SES New York 2008 - Pic 9
Social Media & Digg Master Brent and me

SES New York 2008 - Pic 10
Actually my only shot of New York. Since I´m here so often, I don´t really take any NY pictures any more…

SES New York 2008 - Pic 11
The famous Naked Cowboy live on stage at SearchBash

SES New York 2008 - Pic 12
My big idol and me 🙂