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Brrr… cold

Skuub just blogged some more pictures of our Affiliate Ski-Event (actually it´s over at his FlickR acccount), including my new favourite picture of me and Zanox Mastermind Bosko ->

(Yes, it was horribly cold!)

Skuub also did an incredibly cool video – check it out!

The Goddess of Affiliate-Marketing Inga also blogged some pictures – here´s her album on picasa (nice, don´t know anyone using picasa…)

Nice picture of Mr. Kangoroo Stefan :-)


5 Comments on "Brrr… cold"

  1. skuub sagt:

    Yeah man, that was cold – unfortunately it was getting dark too and the pictures did not come out to clear … that’s why the goosebumps are not visible ;) – I will send you the other two pics I have by Email. Link to youtube is not working.. Greetz

  2. Bosko sagt:

    marcus, next time we will do the nacked mile LOL
    Thanks to Scuub for the pic. It’s the coolest (definitely), even though it is not visible how cold it was :-D

  3. jens sagt:

    lol! was für ein geiles bild jungs!!! sieht fast so aus, als hätten wir euch kurz vor dem “dualen höhepunkt der veranstaltung” erwischt :-)

    großer sport! nur noch geil das bild!!!

    @bosko: ich warte auf das nachfolgebild…zanox-mitarbeiter wirft das handtuch…:-)

  4. Matze sagt:

    Markus wo ist das Waschbrett hin ;-)

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