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Breakfast at Tiffany´s, Lunch at Google´s

Lennart, the God of Google Adwords, Paulsen is in munich right now – great chance to make a little visit to the new Munich Googleplex (which btw. is only about 7 minutes away from where I live!). I even got a great lunch and offered the possibility to win back my pagerank at a quick game of foosball. But Lenny and I lost to the outrageous Patrick – let me entertain you – Warnking… so I´m stuck with my Pagerank 3 and post-pagerankupdate-depressions… 🙂

Google Munich Pic 1

The new office is really great, although still very empty… I actually asked about subletting a small office, but for some reason, they didn´t think it would be that good of an idea… 🙂
But the best thing about the new googleplex is the location, which is right in the center of munich – take a look out of the window ->

Google Munich Pic 2

And they have a really cool gadget at the entrance – a live view of performed searches on Google from around the globe! That´s really cool! Here´s a little video:

Thanks for the hospitality Google – and I´ll be back for a game of foosball to fight for my lost pagerank 🙂