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Black hat with a white vest

Kris, the Godfather of PPC, Jones just sent me a link to a nice searcharazzi article on SearchEngineLand


I guess we definetly have to cut back on our drinking while doing the show 🙂

I think, lately I get pushed a little bit into the BlackHat corner, although I don´t really see myself as a BlackHat anymore, doing way more legitimate WhiteHat stuff for clients the past year then the years before! But oh well…

I just got the news, that I´ll be speaking at SearchEngineStrategies Munich!! Great stuff! And guess what in which panel… -> „The Spam Debate“ … well, who would have thought that? 🙂

So, let´s recapture…
I´m speaking at:

– Casino Affiliate Convention: „Casino Spam
– PubCon Hannover: „The Spam Report
– SES Munich: „The Spam Debate

well, I guess I made my bed, and now I have to lie in it 🙂