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Bill Gates´last days

A lot of you guys probably already saw it, but I just gotta blog it – it´s just really a hillarious video:

Have a great weekend!!

5 Comments on "Bill Gates´last days"

  1. yaph sagt:

    I watched it yesterday and was really surprised about Mr. Gates sense of humor. Nonetheless, Windows Vista is simply crap.

  2. omh sagt:

    Really amusing when such big persons like B. Gates have such great humor!

  3. mj sagt:

    That vid really surprised my. It was good humor for sure.
    But I bet this guy can also be quiet hard.

  4. Rick sagt:

    So we see, he’s also a human being with great humor! I like that, makes him to one of us! :)

  5. nsko sagt:

    lol. I never seen before. Thank God, he left.

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