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Beat the Stars? The Star(s) beat me!

Yesterday I was the successor to a missing online-qualifier at DSF´s (German Sports Television – like a german ESPN) successful Poker TV-format Beat the Stars with Poker Superstar Daniel Negreanu! Unfortunatly I didn´t win the tournament (although I won a laptop computer for my 4th place finish), but it´s been loads of fun! (I actually blogged about it a little more in detail on my poker blog -> „Beat the Stars with Daniel Negreanu“ – check it out!)

Beat the Stars with Daniel Negreanu

Btw. I´ll be flying to Dortmund tomorrow to compete at Day 1B of the European Poker Tour – so if you got two fingers to spare – cross them for me 🙂

Oh, I almost forget -> the TV-Show (a 90 minute format!) will air on the 16th of february on DSF – I think I´ll definetly put some stuff online!

4 Comments on "Beat the Stars? The Star(s) beat me!"

  1. SEO Wrench sagt:

    Sounds like a blast! How did the EPT go? I scanned the day 1b results and it looks like you did not make it to day 2. Would love to hear how it went; bummer I don’t know German to keep up on your poker blog.

  2. mediadonis sagt:

    No, I´m still alive! Coming back today for Day 2. Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Timur sagt:

    Naja dann mal viel erfolg auf dem nächsten turnier.

  4. Marcus sagt:

    Hallo Marcus,

    gerade lief bei DSF die Ankündigung für morgen (Beat the Stars), soll um 20.15 Uhr laufen, im Trailer bist Du zu sehen.

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