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Back into the Jungle #SEOsForCharity

Amazonica Teaser Pic 1The time has come – I´m flying to Ecuador tomorrow, to visit my Achuar friends in Sharamentsa! But this time I´ll also stop by in Yuwientsa, we´re the Shuar live, and the AMAZONICA Academy is currently being built! We managed to raise 10.000 euros with the SEOktoberfest Friends & Family Charity Dinner, and now I´m really excited to fly down there myself again, to find the best spot to set up a new internet antenna.

If you have no idea what the heck I´m talking about here, just check out the pictures from my last trip into the depth of the ecuadorian rainforest, or watch the fantastic TV-doc „Kampf um den Regenwald“ (sorry, it´s only in german, but it´s still worth to watch!), which was aired on ZDF a couple of month ago!

Amazonica Teaser Pic 2I just hope that the failed coup attempt by sections of the police and armed forces, that took place 2 weeks ago in Ecuador´s capital, won´t have any impact on my journey… The situation seems to be almost back to normal again, although yesterday Ecuador´s president Rafael Correa vowed to „radicalise revolution“ (whatever that´s supposed to mean…). Oh well, I´m not that worried actually – I don´t call myself a fair-weather charity activist 🙂 The indians need our help more then ever, and if we don´t help them, noone else will! When BP spilled oil all over the sea and threatend the coasts of the US, everyone took notice, but nobody seems to really care of that kind of stuff happening every single day somewhere in the rainforest! If we don´t act now, there might be no rainforest in the near future! Yes, that might sounds dramatic, but the situation just is dramatic!