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Back from the cold

Lappland WappenI´m back from Lapland / Sweden (don´t know where it is? -> check out Wikipedia) – what a great trip!!

If you don´t already know, Vodafone and Quisma invited 15 SuperAffiliates to a Wintertour in Lapland, to do some dogsledding and ski-doo driving – what a blast!

What I especially liked about the event, is the fact, that I´d probably never ever would have made a trip to lapland, if it was up to me to decide (I would always choose sun over freezing temperatures…) – but it really turned out to be a great trip, and an experience to remember! Especially driving a Ski-Doos with 50 mph over a frozen lake – Jesus, that was fun!

Thank you so much Vodafone and Quisma for inviting me to this great event, everything was perfectly organized, and the invited affiliates (of which I knew only about half of them) where a great bunch!

Here are some pictures…

Lappland Tour Pic 1
Lappland Tour Pic 2
Lappland Tour Pic 3
Lappland Tour Pic 4

I uploaded some more pictures on my FlickR account -> see all of them (or watch them in a nice slideshow)

Vodafone does a couple of these events, so check out their great affiliate program, and maybe you´ll be along next time, too!

7 Comments on "Back from the cold"

  1. Alex sagt:

    Coole Bilder. Scheint eine schöne Gegend zu sein. Geht man dort auch Langlaufen oder fährt man dort nur mit dem Schneemobil? Schnee wär auch in Deutschland mal soooo schön. So ein echter blauer bayerischer Himmel und die ganze Gegend in weiss. Und Schifahren. Gott vermiss ich das…

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