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Back from the cold

Lappland WappenI´m back from Lapland / Sweden (don´t know where it is? -> check out Wikipedia) – what a great trip!!

If you don´t already know, Vodafone and Quisma invited 15 SuperAffiliates to a Wintertour in Lapland, to do some dogsledding and ski-doo driving – what a blast!

What I especially liked about the event, is the fact, that I´d probably never ever would have made a trip to lapland, if it was up to me to decide (I would always choose sun over freezing temperatures…) – but it really turned out to be a great trip, and an experience to remember! Especially driving a Ski-Doos with 50 mph over a frozen lake – Jesus, that was fun!

Thank you so much Vodafone and Quisma for inviting me to this great event, everything was perfectly organized, and the invited affiliates (of which I knew only about half of them) where a great bunch!

Here are some pictures…

Lappland Tour Pic 1
Lappland Tour Pic 2
Lappland Tour Pic 3
Lappland Tour Pic 4

I uploaded some more pictures on my FlickR account -> see all of them (or watch them in a nice slideshow)

Vodafone does a couple of these events, so check out their great affiliate program, and maybe you´ll be along next time, too!