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ASOP champion!

The first annual Poker Affiliate Conference and CAP Spring Break in beautiful cyprus have been a total blast! Great people, great conference (thanks again to Michael for the great moderation of our panel – definetly one of the better ones we ever had!) and just a fuckload of partys going on – mix it all together with a great venue, 30 degrees of sun-shiny weather (again -> celsius not fahrenheit … 🙂 …) and a freaking sunburn, and you got yourself 4 days of the greatest networking event there ever was! Jeremy and Greg have really done a great job – thank you so much guys!

But the best news is still to come -> I am the new ASOP Champion!
The first ever grueling 3-day ASOP Poker-Tournament, and I walk away with the 1st price – a seat in the WSOP Main Event worth 10.000 dollars (which I actually already have, but there are quite some other events I may use the money for…) and the covetted ASOP Champion diamond bracelet, which is also said to be worth about 10.000 dollars – WHOA! Great new pimped bling-bling for the Mediadonis 🙂

CAP Zypern Pic 4

Well, it´s actually pretty stupid, playing a poker tournament for 3 days, while its a sunny 30 degrees outside, but who would have thought I´d really be the last one standing?

Here are some more pics from CAP Spring Break:

CAP Zypern Pic 5
CAP Zypern Pic 6
The Godess of Affiliate Marketing Carly of PokerStars, me and Bob sporting The hand of God

CAP Zypern Pic 7
Michael, The Tiger-Pawn, Caselli fighting Becky

CAP Zypern Pic 8
Raymond of Poquer777 sure knows how to live!

CAP Zypern Pic 9
Yvette from CAP

CAP Zypern Pic 10
Margaret of PKR

CAP Zypern Pic 11
CAP Zypern Pic 12
Mighty John Dang and the Master of alll Casino Affiliate Programs J.E. with their very own Edward Scissorhands impression

CAP Zypern Pic 13
WSOP Bracelet winner & poker legend David, Devilfish, Ulliott

CAP Zypern Pic 14
Two SEO-idiots and a boombox – that´s how we roll

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