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Around the world in 40 days

I´m flying to Tokyo tomorrow – yeay!
I was actually going to speak there at SES Tokyo, but unfortunatly the show got cancelled (I´m sad like this shark over here…), but since my business class flight with Lufthansa is already paid for, and the Tokyo Hilton just as well, I thought I might fly anyway. I´ve never been to Tokyo (I actually lived in Hongkong for a little while), so I think I can have some fun there for a week! If anybody got some suggestions what to see or what to check out, please let me know!

From Tokyo I´ll fly directly to Rome where Lena Theresa Bavaria, the little baby girl of Mrs. October Anna and the mighty EveningMaster Philip is going to get baptized (actually in the Pantheon in Rome – cool location!).

I´ll be in munich for just 5 days, before I fly off to Las Vegas for PubCon! And right after that, I seriously consider flying to Sydney for CAP Down Under! I was asked to speak there, so a great way to get to Australia on a business trip 🙂

So that´s the trip:

I flew over 62.000 kilometers this year already, and this trip would add another approx. 70.000 kilometers! The good thing about it -> I will finally achieve Senator Status at Lufthansa, which just freakin´ rocks (I will have spent 30.000 euros with Lufthansa this year, since I´m only flying business class internationally, so I guess it´s alright to finally name me a Senator 🙂 …)

Oh btw. if you´re a burglar -> this is not a service for you, so you know when I´m not going to be at home 🙂
(I actually got a private security service at my appartment complex, so I´m not really worried)

– Map by Google Maps