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Are you feeling optimized?

Google Optimizer

Regular listeners of our Webmasters on the Roof show probably know, that I´m a huge fan of Google´s WebSite Optimizer (which is now finally available as a stand alone version!).

A/B and multivariate testing of your PPC & SEO landingpages (Landingpages not Doorwaypages!) is definetly one of the most important tasks of a successful online marketer & SuperAffiliate these days! It´s really amazing, that people spend hundreds or even thousands of euros each day on their PPC-campaigns, without even testing their landingpages! It´s not just about getting more traffic onto your LPs, if you can achive a better conversion, you´ll be making more money at the end of the day! And Google´s Website Optimizer is really one of the best tools around! So get started today!

Uh, btw – the reason I blogged this, is because the Website Optimizer Team just started blogging over at the official Website Optimizer Blog!

You´re more into that kinda stuff? Then you should also be reading Avinash Kaushik´s Occam´s Razor Blog (Google´s Avinash is hands down the authority in that field!) and Tim Ash!