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Are you feeling optimized?

Google Optimizer

Regular listeners of our Webmasters on the Roof show probably know, that I´m a huge fan of Google´s WebSite Optimizer (which is now finally available as a stand alone version!).

A/B and multivariate testing of your PPC & SEO landingpages (Landingpages not Doorwaypages!) is definetly one of the most important tasks of a successful online marketer & SuperAffiliate these days! It´s really amazing, that people spend hundreds or even thousands of euros each day on their PPC-campaigns, without even testing their landingpages! It´s not just about getting more traffic onto your LPs, if you can achive a better conversion, you´ll be making more money at the end of the day! And Google´s Website Optimizer is really one of the best tools around! So get started today!

Uh, btw – the reason I blogged this, is because the Website Optimizer Team just started blogging over at the official Website Optimizer Blog!

You´re more into that kinda stuff? Then you should also be reading Avinash Kaushik´s Occam´s Razor Blog (Google´s Avinash is hands down the authority in that field!) and Tim Ash!

2 Comments on "Are you feeling optimized?"

  1. TradersNation sagt:

    Cooles T-shirt !! Website Optimizer ist aber auch wirklich ein geniales tool…

    Gut das ihr/du das in der Sendung vorgestellt hast.. Sonst wäre ich bestimmt erst wieder 3 Monate später darauf gestoßen.


  2. Tim Ash sagt:

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for mentioning me in the illustrious company of Avinash Kaushik! In addition to the link to my blog above, your readers might also be interested in my new book Landing Page Optimization: the Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions. It was recently published and is currently a bestselling e-commerce book on Amazon.

    Warmest Regards,

    Tim Ash – President,

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