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All sorts of stuff…

Greetings from SES San Jose – it f***ing rocks 🙂
Yesterday was probably one of the best sessions I´ve ever attended at SES – „Are paid links evil“ with Googles very own Matt Cutts (disclaimer: he didn´t pay for this link!), Graywolf, Todd, Stuntdubl, Malicoat, Todd, Oilman, Friesen, Greg and some weird dude…

Really a great debate with good points on both sides (well, it was basically Matt vs. the rest of the SEO-World :-))
Rand has a pretty good writeup of the session -> read it!

And unlike Greg I give some love to the secretly shot video (hat tip to

And I uploaded some pictures from yesterday´s Google Dance to my FlickR account – check them out!
Great times!

And speaking of Google – I just read on OneToOne (I actually stumbled upon it on Peter´s Blog), that Google Germany´s first employee (and Country Director of Sales) Holger Meyer is leaving Google at the end of the month! Pretty sad, Holger was really a nice guy and definetly a pioneer for Google Germany! Good luck on your next adventures Holger!

3 Comments on "All sorts of stuff…"

  1. Dave Dugdale sagt:


    Thanks for mentioning my video. I remember you did a kick ass video after Las Vegas PubCon.


  2. Florian sagt:

    I am sure that Matt Cutts won’t pay for a link that doesn’t work 😉 Or maybe the Blog of Matt Cutts is hosted by Mediadonis? Nice News! I think you just forget the scheme (http://) 😉

  3. mediadonis sagt:

    ha, thanks Florian – fixed it!
    don´t want to make my link-buyer upset here 🙂

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