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all new, all live and all drunk!

Finally – tomorrow at 7pm CET (1pm EST) will be the first show of Webmasters on the Roof on Webmasterradio.FM! Don´t miss out our first show (although being in german :-)) – all new, all live and all drunk!

Sorry for the light posting since my return from San Diego, but I was flooded with work…
And last weekend I played at the Antenne Bayern Charity Poker Event finishing 8th running with a A-Q suited against the chipleaders K-K… tough call… and speaking of call – I won a crappy mobile phone from LG. If I would have waited for a few more hands, I would have gone home with the new Nintendo Wii! Well, at least it was for a good cause 🙂

Next weekend I´ll play at a WSOP Qualifier Satellite Tournament – the winner wins an entry in the 2007 WSOP Main Event, including all flights, accomodations and expenses! So wish me luck 🙂

And I finally got a new appartment – take a look:
-> Mediadonis´ new Appartment
I wanted to move for a long time now, since I live in my place now for over 7 years – and just 2 weeks ago a friend of mine told me, that he will move to a bigger place (he got 2 kids) – so I took a chance and grabbed his great appartment! It´s right in the center of munich in walking distance to the inner-city, and has direct access to the river Isar, that is running through munich… really nice appartment! So I´ll move in about a month – can´t wait!

Oh, and thanks to Philipp for posting how to get the Audiobook „Google Story“ for free!