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all new, all live and all drunk!

Finally – tomorrow at 7pm CET (1pm EST) will be the first show of Webmasters on the Roof on Webmasterradio.FM! Don´t miss out our first show (although being in german :-) ) – all new, all live and all drunk!

Sorry for the light posting since my return from San Diego, but I was flooded with work…
And last weekend I played at the Antenne Bayern Charity Poker Event finishing 8th running with a A-Q suited against the chipleaders K-K… tough call… and speaking of call – I won a crappy mobile phone from LG. If I would have waited for a few more hands, I would have gone home with the new Nintendo Wii! Well, at least it was for a good cause :-)

Next weekend I´ll play at a WSOP Qualifier Satellite Tournament – the winner wins an entry in the 2007 WSOP Main Event, including all flights, accomodations and expenses! So wish me luck :-)

And I finally got a new appartment – take a look:
-> Mediadonis´ new Appartment
I wanted to move for a long time now, since I live in my place now for over 7 years – and just 2 weeks ago a friend of mine told me, that he will move to a bigger place (he got 2 kids) – so I took a chance and grabbed his great appartment! It´s right in the center of munich in walking distance to the inner-city, and has direct access to the river Isar, that is running through munich… really nice appartment! So I´ll move in about a month – can´t wait!

Oh, and thanks to Philipp for posting how to get the Audiobook “Google Story” for free!

6 Comments on "all new, all live and all drunk!"

  1. Sven sagt:

    Na sowas, da wohnst du dann ja praktisch bei mir ums Eck.
    Schöne Gegend!
    Auch, wenn ich bei den Bildern deine Miete etwas hoch finde.

  2. Markus sagt:

    what for a coincidence, i also got a new appartment in just 1 month

  3. Jojo sagt:

    Ich hab meine Zweifel, ob man bei uns überhaupt eine Wohnung oder ein Haus finden würde das eine so hohe Miete hat …. naja, München ist ja bekannt für seine hohen Mieten.

  4. shandyking sagt:

    Hey man, congrats on getting a new place!

  5. Andre sagt:

    Also entweder sind die Bilder schlecht (Makler sind ja keine Fotografen ;-) oder die Miete zu hoch. Für den Preis wäre es mir dann doch zu eng. Aber ok, es ist München.

    Freu mich auf die Show. Rock on.

  6. Sebastian sagt:

    Mich hat der Mietpreis auch erschrocken. Solche Bunkerwohnungen bekommt man hier in Berlin für max. 600 Euro.

    Viele Grüße vom Wannsee,


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