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A4U London – we had a blast!

A4U London has really been a blast – what a fun conference! Great sessions, great people (and a lot of new great people!) and a perfect organization – great job by Matthew Wood putting together this incredible event! Thank you very much for letting me be a part of it – I´ll definetly be back in 2008 – mark you calendars!

The Q&A Session I was on with JasonD, Joost and Dixon has also been really good – there were some really great questions from the auditorium! And thanks Ciaran for a quote, I´m blatantly gonna steal from you – „If you keep pointing to shit all day long, it´s still gonna be shit“ 🙂

But the most fun we had at ChinaWhite, the hottest Club in London at the Moment – great times!

Three more shoutouts go to -> Neil, it was really great meeting & partying with you again – you rock! And Joost, so great to finally meet you in person – come to the dark side of the force 🙂 … oh, and not to forget Duncanif you just throw enough shit at Google, something will stick 🙂

So, and now enjoy some pictures…

A4U London - Pic 1
A4U London - Pic 2
Andre and Adam of Hitflip enjoy the Fish & Chips

A4U London - Pic 3
… I apparently did as well…

A4U London - Pic 4
Me, Joost, Kris and Aaron – this is what´s gonna happen – Baker

A4U London - Pic 5
Joost, me, JasonD and Tony

A4U London - Pic 6
Loads of fun at ChinaWhite

A4U London - Pic 7
Look what I found in my mouth…

A4U London - Pic 8
Mr. Cemper got the groove

A4U London - Pic 9
Me and Domain-Mastermind Nico

A4U London - Pic 10
Neil´s enjoying a massage at ChinaWhite – what a great service in a club!

A4U London - Pic 11
This is what´s gonna happen Baker shows off his secret weapon

A4U London - Pic 12
4 o´clock in the morning – diagnosis: clubbed to death 🙂

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  1. Great pics man 🙂 was a pleasure meeting you, let’s do that again SOON! 🙂

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