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A4U London rocked again!

A4UExpo London has really been a blast again – what a huge turnout! A4U started off last year with a big bang, and it got even better this year! Over 1.000 people (more than twice as much people then last year), great speakers, great networking – just one of of the overall best conferences I´ve been to this year!

I really enjoyed my two panels – “Extreme SEO Strategies for Affiliates” and “Affiliate Doctors’ Live!“, but I also visited a bunch of other sessions & panels, which I rarely do at other conferences!

Always great to meet old friends -> Duncan, Patrick, I-got-all-iPhone-Apps Todd, Dixon, Ciaran, Roy, Evert, the PresellPageMan, Dave, Richard, new Conversion-Rate-Expert Stephen, Marlon, Jan, Andi, Jon, Jeroen & Quadszilla… (did I forget someone….?!)

And new friends -> Mel (who knows the cost per monk), Chris, Al, Anthony, Rob and Peter

Oh, and I think our Webmasters on the Roof VIP Winner Steffen enjoyed the show, too!

A4UExpo 2008 Pic 1
Joost, Dave, me and the EvilGreenMonkey @ the Extreme SEO Panel

A4UExpo 2008 Pic 2
When Dave talks I listen with great concentration

A4UExpo 2008 Pic 3
Full house @ the Affiliate Doctors Panel

Stop by Joost to see his WordPress SEO Presentation, see more pics over at FlickR & reserve a spot in your calender on the 28th and 29th of April, cause A4U is coming to Amsterdam!!

Thanks to Matthew and his Existem Team for everything – great job you guys!

13 Comments on "A4U London rocked again!"

  1. Mel Carson sagt:

    Great to meet you too mate – sorry the soup was too hot! Next time we’ll make it to a club I promise!

    Cheers Mel

  2. mediadonis sagt:

    ha, the soup … yeah, I´m a little girl :-)

  3. It was great to meet you finally, despite making that man cry, I love your sense of humor ;)

  4. mediadonis sagt:

    Who cried? Damn… I should stop swearin´ so much when I´m on a panel :-)

  5. Good to meet you too, I’m still recovering. :)

  6. Al Carlton sagt:

    Great meeting you too Marcus, hope you enjoyed the club

  7. Ciaran sagt:

    Great to see you again – maybe I’ll have to try & convince Matt to invite me to Amsterdam!

  8. Chris Bishop sagt:

    Marcus first saw you speak at CJU in 2007, another great hour session at A4Uexpo on the various SEO techniques that both advertisers and publishers can gain advantage of.

    Thouroughly enjoyed the session.

    Thanks, Chris

  9. mediadonis sagt:

    Cool, glad you liked it!
    CAP London is coming up in January – don´t miss it :-)

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