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A quick Blueglass LA Recap & some more Speaking Engagements this Month

Blueglass LA LogoBlueglass LA has really been one of the best conferences over the pond I´ve ever been to! The Blueglass Team really did a great job – an absolutely stellar line-up of experts, good food and a great crowd made Blueglass LA really a great experience! It was actually a lot like german SEO-conference wunderkind SEOCampixx – due to the fact, that almost everyone stayed at The Standard Hotel Blueglass LA was being held at, and Downtown LA having really not much to offer besides Skyscrapers, everyone really stayed for the whole time at the conference venue. It really seemed less then a "normal" conference, but more like a SEO frat house, with everyone living, breathing & talking about SEO around the clock. Just check out some Tips & Takeaways and see what really happened at Blueglass LA.

I hope that if those conferences get any bigger, it´ll still stay like this, cause it definetly made the whole conference experience much more productive and fun. I can imagine, that the upcoming Blueglass Tampa conference in december will be sold out just as quick as this one did, so punch in your eMail-adress, so you´ll be the first to know, when tickets go on sale!

But no time to catch a breath – the conference season is rollin´ along 🙂

… this will be a busy rest of May 🙂

And in June (19th / 20th) it´s finally time for A4Uexpo Europe in the beautiful city of Barcelona – can´t wait! Check out my short interview with conference organizer Matthew Wood I did a couple of weeks back.