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A new horse, of course!

Since our racehorse Wonderful Day had such a great season this year (a couple of wins in france, a 4th place in Baden Baden, and the astonishing 2nd place in munich) racing in over 80.000 euros in winnings, we decided to buy a new racehorse for next years season – so let me introduce to you the 2 year old stallion
Primo Vero

Primo Vero

Primo vero translated means something like “first truth”, right? :-)
( I guess Dave could help me with the translation…?!)

12 Comments on "A new horse, of course!"

  1. Andreas sagt:

    Yep, you’re right. Or at least almost.

    Primo = First
    vero = true (not truth) truth would be verità

    So the meaning would be perhaps “first, true ?”

    But no, i think you’re right that it should bea (the) first real one ;)

  2. Mattes sagt:

    Hi Marcus,

    ist das Dein Pferd?

    Gruß Matthias

  3. Sven sagt:

    Hut ab, du gehst ja gut ab! So hätten zumindest die 5 Sterne (oder war es doch Fettes Brot?) das mal gesagt…

  4. Andreas sagt:

    …und was kostet so ein Pferdchen ? Anschaffungspreis und “laufende Kosten” ?

  5. Nico sagt:

    Congrats Marcus. Looks like our diversification strategies are similar. You buy horses, I buy art :-)

  6. mediadonis sagt:

    Nico – playboy, isn´t exactly considered “art” LOOOL :-)

  7. jan sagt:

    glückwunsch wollte ich noch sagen.

  8. Ricardo sagt:

    Schaut hübsch aus das Pferd. Sag mal, sind die mit 2 Jahren schon ausgewachsen *wunder* ?

  9. Nico sagt:

    Not exactly art, but certainly a diversification :-) Except that your asset produces cashflows while mine doesnt. But I don’t incur expenses and my asset doesn’t need to be taken care off…

    Anyway, Looks nice!

  10. Peer Vers sagt:

    Geil. Lecker Pferdefleisch.

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