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56th place and really happy!

I just blogged it over on my poker blog – I´ve just been eliminated in 56th place! But although just 16 people away from being in the money (I think it is 9.500 Euros for 40th place), I´m really happy! Unbelievable, that I came so far in such a strong field, and especially in my condition (I have a really severe flu with fiever – no shit!), but also to have made probably THE most astonishing news, as the PokerStarsBlog titles -> Marcus Tandler eliminates Daniel Negreanu 🙂

I blogged the whole story over on my blog, and to make a long story short – Daniel tried to semi-bluff me on the turn with a flush-draw, and I moved him all-in with middle-pair. Pretty uncanny read, but I just knew he was just on a draw, and that I had the goods!

I really had an amazing time, and I´m really proud for getting this deep in the tournament – sure it would have been nice to win, and take home about a million euros, but what da hell, there´s always a next time, and I´m just getting started 🙂

A big thanks to everybody, who´s been crossing fingers for me!

3 Comments on "56th place and really happy!"

  1. SEO Wrench sagt:

    Nice! Guess I misread the day 1 results or they were not complete. Congrats on making it deep. Must have been a great feeling to knock out Daniel just after playing with him a few days before. Looks like he still has not posted about it on his FCP blog.

    Are you going to hit more of the big events this year? I am very curious if you are buying in directly or working a deal in the affiliate arena (I assume you are not satelliting in for some reason).

  2. Jan sagt:

    Nice Marcus! Gratuliere Dir!

  3. Congrats on beating Daniel. Hope you get better soon!

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