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3 ways to become a part of this years SEOktoberfest experience


It´s exactly three months to go until SEOktoberfest 8!

The 8th event of ultimately only 10 SEOktoberfest events! SEOktoberfest X in 2017 will be the last and final SEOktoberfest. Boy, have we something special planned for that 🙂 So if you ever wanted to experience what SEOktoberfest is all about, you should probably get moving.

We´re getting quite a couple ticket applications and also a lot of questions around the event. Basically there are three ways to become a part of the SEOktoberfest experience in September:

The Grand SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ

Of course there´s the famous SEOktoberfest Grand Charity BBQ, which is taking place on day #2 of SEOktoberfest, Wednesday 23rd of September.

The SEOktoberfest Charity Auction for just 50 exclusive tickets to this unique event is going until this Friday – June 26th! Like every year the bidding is quite low at the beginning – the real bidding war usualy starts on the last two days of the auction – so try to bid a bit higher, to not flunk out of the list at the last minute. Remember – you are donating your bid directly to one of two great charities, so you are not "buying" a ticket, but rather make a donation for your exclusive seat at the Charity BBQ!

Not convinced yet? Check out the SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ Trailer #2015

The SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ just isn´t enough for you? You want to be part of the real SEOktoberfest experience? It´s tough, but there´s still two ways to score one of only two seats we have left at this years event. The SEOktoberfest roster is pretty much set, but we saved two attendee seats, one that you can apply for, and the other way, that you can win.

Apply for a ticket

A ticket to SEOktoberfest is 5.000 Euros (it´s a non-profit event though – all the money from the attendance fees goes towards the event) – still you have to apply, and – if chosen – you get the right to buy a ticket. Since we are only giving out just a couple of tickets to Newbies each year, the waiting list keeps growing every year. There is well over a hundred people on the waiting list, but there´s still a fair chance to score a ticket! Since there´s a lot of heavy hitters on the waiting list, popular speakers themselves, or maybe coming from known brands, we still want to give everybody the same fair chance. So there´s an anonymous application process with three easy questions. It ain´t about popularity or a popular employer – we really aim to find the best person that fits our little group the best. In know, it sounds absolutely crazy, having to anonymously apply for buying a 5.000 Euro ticket – but that´s just how it is.

At SEOktoberfest we don’t care where you’re coming from, we don’t care about your age, your gender, your race or even if you drink beer or not – we just care about how SEO savvy you are! You have to LOVE SEO – that’s about it!

If you just want to party at Oktoberfest this conference is definitely not for you, don’t bother to apply if you’re just looking to drink & party.

Win a ticket

Christoph Cemper and his Team of LinkResearchTools have just launched a new Content Marketing Software called Impactana. At the moment you can sign up for early access. I have been a fan of the software ever since it´s alpha version and I can only strongly recommend you to take the new software for a spin!

Christoph has been our main Charity BBQ sponsor for a long time, and like every year, he has the honor to do a contest for the last SEOktoberest full ticket! He´s also throwing in 5 hotel nights in a great hotel close to the SEOktoberfest venue. So you just need to figure out a way to Munich to have the professional SEO experience of a lifetime – for free. So head over to the SEOktoberfest #LastTicket contest page and take your chance. Good luck!

SEOktoberfest has changed so many professional SEO careers already, it might just also change yours!