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King Pepper conquers munich

King Pepper in Germany

Yesterday Kris – King Pepper- Jones and his wife Robyn of world famous Pepperjam visited me here in munich! Since both of them never been to germany bavaria, I just had to take them to a real traditional place -> Bratwurst Glöckl

We actually just wanted to get a quick bite, but we ended up staying there for over 8 hours, with a lot of friends coming by, like Princess Lillifee, Jens and Michael – great times! Unfortunatly they both had to leave this morning to go to Paris, but we´re gonna meet again on wednesday at A4U Expo in London! It was really great to have them over, and show them a little bit of munich!

-> more pictures? Take a look over at Flickr

The final Doppelbock seemed to have been a little bit too much – so he agreed to compete against Jens in eating spoons full of mustard… how disgusting! 🙂 … but see for yourself (I know, unfortunatly it´s pretty dark…)

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  1. Black Friday sagt:

    Yeah, i was drunk till Monday. Great Sunday 😉

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