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On the road again…

I haven´t been on the road this much the last couple of weeks. Since I had such a heavy travel scedule in the first half of the year with the Bahamas, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, New York etc. that I wanted to stay home a bit, and enjoy the summer in munich! I didn´t go to SES San Jose or Affiliate Summit New York, nor did I play in this years WSOP… And I loved it! Finally being home for a change, and enjoying munich´s awesome beergardens (and also finally getting some work done, which is just always a pain while being on the road). But after SEOktoberfest, with the weather getting more and more shitty each day, I will be on the road again to speak at some conferences…

SMX StockholmSMX Stockholm will be my first stop. Since I run the munich marathon on the sunday before the conference, I will be flying to Stockholm on monday morning, and speaking on tuesday. I´ll be on the keynote (!) called „Meet the Global SEO Gurus“ alongside my danish buddy Mikkel deMibb! I´ve actually never been to Stockholm, and I´m really looking forward to the trip! Unfortunatly I won´t be able to stay that long, since the next conference is almost on the same dates, and its a conference I wouldn´t wanna miss in the world…

A4U LondonA4Uexpo London has been one of my favourite conferences ever since it kicked off 2 years ago. A couple of you guys already know what an A4U feels like, when you joined us in Amsterdam for A4Uexpo Europe a couple of month ago. And A4U London will be just like that, but a whole lot better 🙂 The Agenda isn´t up yet, but I guess I will be on the popular „Extreme SEO Q&A Panel„, and I hope there will be beer again! If you´re an affiliate marketer in europe, this is the show you definetly don´t wanna miss out on!

SES BerlinSearchEngineStrategies Berlin will be the first SES in Berlin. After Munich and Hamburg, SES is now moving to Berlin, and I´m expecting a kick-ass conference! I´ll be on the panel „Linkaufbau Strategien 2009“ (Linkbuilding Strategies 2009) with Linkbuilding guru Christoph, the godess of linkbuilding Nina and SEOktoberfest Expert Fantomaster, whose performance last year at SES Hamburg is still unforgotten – I think it´s safe to say, that Ralph did the most impressive presentation last year.

Well, and then it´s already time to fly to Las Vegas for PubCon – yeeay 🙂

Oh, and talking about speaking at conferences – this winter semester, I´ll be teaching the 6th year marketing students at the University for applied management Erding! I´m now officially a lecturer at this university, and I will be teaching my own „Online Marketing“ course! How cool is that? 🙂

Search Engine Ranking Factors revamped

Ranking Factors BadgeRand and the team of SEOmoz have finally released their biennial Search Engine Ranking Factors study! Awesome stuff again!

It´s the third time a whole bunch of international SEO experts got surveyed on their opinions of the algorithmic elements that comprise search engine rankings. This year 72 SEOs contributed to the study (last year it´s been only 40 experts), with me and Thomas Bindl being the only guys from germany – Go german SEO scene 🙂
I´m really proud to be a contributor to this awesome study for the second year in a row!

Ok, the study really didn´t show anything mind-boggling new, but if you´re keeping yourself up to date in the SEO sphere, there´s just nothing that might surprise you anyways. Ranking in a searchengine is still about great compelling content, that´s crawl- and indexable, as well as solidly onSite SEOd, in combination with quality links pointing to your site. Mix in a little trust you gain with Google over time, if you´re doing a good job (and don´t try to trick the Big G), and that´s about it 🙂

But the study has raised some nice questions, you might haven´t even thought about yet, as well as a couple of good quotes by the experts, giving you a little bit more insight. So even if you are a SEO expert yourself already, it´s still well worth a read!

Finding sites to buy links on with a little help from Google

The following tip isn´t really all that new, and I told it quite often at search conferences before, but still there´re a lot of people, who are just desperatly looking for new sites to buy links on (yeah yeah, link buying is evil *blablabla*).

So besides the obvious stuff:

a) Looking at your competitor´s backlinks individually as well as looking at all your competitors, and try to come with sites, that link to two or more of them (like lists of sites in a specific niche, or review-sites etc.)

b) Typing in the keyword you wanna rank for into Google, and just scan the first 100 sites for websites, that aren´t selling links yet, and approach those with a nice offer.

You can also come up with great sites, using this technique:

1) Set up a Google AdWords Campaign (which you probably have already anyways)

2) Activate the Google Content Network, and don´t be to greedy on the CPC (yeah, we know the Content Network has a history of delivering crappy traffic, but when you use it right, and exclude shitty sites, you can indeed get good & cheap converting traffic)

3) Let the campaign on for a couple of days, and then run a Placement Performance Report.

NOW you´re getting all those sites, which Google showed your ad on (based on contextual targeting -> sites related to your keyword according to Big G. himself!). And it doesn´t stop there – you also see how many impressions & clicks you´ve been getting, which can give you a rough estimate how much traffic the site is actually getting (you can also check the site stats in Google Ad Planner, which will be pretty accurate, since it´s monetized via AdSense). And when you know how much traffic the site is getting, you can get a pretty good idea, of how much money the website owner will be making.

So you know 3 things:

1. The website owner wants to make money with his site (doah, he´s using AdSense)
2. You know how much traffic the site is getting, and have an idea how much money the website owner makes
3. Google thinks this site is relevant to your keyword / site

Now you can approach the website owner with a nice offer to buy „advertising space“ on his site. I will even buy the whole advertising space of the AdSense block sometimes (which you can fill with a link-block yourself – with static links to your sites of course…), when the traffic isn´t all that great, and the guy doesn´t seem to make a lot of money. There´s just nothing better but clueless webmasters, who have great sites, but don´t make a lot of money with them 🙂

A quick shout-out to some charitable SEOs #SEOsForCharity

Just a quick thank you to a couple of people regarding SEOs for Charity!

Randolf of 3GStore has been the winning bidder for the last SEOktoberfest Ticket with 5.050 Euros. But instead of donating 5.050 Euros, he instead donated 5.555 (!!) Euros (which is the amount he was willing to pay). So 550 Euros more for AMAZONICA – thank you so much for the generous contribution Randolf!

Pelle, who runs, wanted to bid for the last SEOktoberfest Ticket as well, but unfortunatly had some troubles with the dates of SEOktoberfest. Since he liked the idea of all the proceeds of the auction going to AMAZONICA, he sent me an eMail, telling me, that he donated 500 Euros (!) to AMAZONICA! Thank you so much Pelle for the donation!

My last shout-out goes to Rene Linden, who took SEOs for Charity to a whole nother level! He now donates a certain percentage of their turnover in two of their online-shops to AMAZONICA! donates 3% of its turnover to AMAZONICA, and at he donates 2% of their turnover! Thank you Rene for this awesome contribution!

Thanks again to all you guys – you rock!

Yigg quo vadis?

Ich war gestern eher durch Zufall mit einem Post in meinem JOBlog auf der Startseite von vertreten. Ich sage ganz bewußt „durch Zufall“, da ich wirklich „organisch“ dort als Link empfohlen wurde (aber mit Yigg-Moderator Erik durch einen alten Bekannten…). Diese Startseitenplatzierung habe ich erst eben gerade bei der Durchsicht der Logfiles (was eigentlich einen anderen Grund hatte, so war ich lediglich auf der Suche nach einer IP-Adresse) entdeckt. Bei einer Startseiten-Platzierung auf Digg merkt man sehr schnell, dass man sich gerade auf der Startseite befindet, bei fällts nicht mal auf 🙂

Natürlich habe ich dann gleich mal geschaut, wieviele User denn die Startseiten-Empfehlung wahrnahmen, und sich von auf meine Seite durchgeklickt haben. Gerade mal 40 (!) User sind demnach auf dem JOBlog gelandet, von Kommentaren und / oder Trackbacks mal ganz zu schweigen… mager mager… Gut, das dort gebloggte Bild, war an diesem Tag, dank knappen 4.000 (!) Diggs auf Digg, bereits auf mehreren Blogs zu sehen, aber der Teaser auf Yigg war mit „Wieso man Beruf und Privates trennen sollte!“ und keiner weiteren Erläuterung auch eher kryptisch, und machte Lust auf mehr. Oder eben auch nicht…

Da zeigt sich aber auch wieder der Digg-Effekt sehr schön -> dort mit über 4.000 Diggs, und etlichen Blogs, die das Bild / die Quelle verlinkt haben, und hier… so gut wie nix… traurig!

Auf einen meiner Tweets klicken im Durchschnitt 300 Leute – wer braucht da also noch Yigg? Läuft Twitter den Nachrichten-Aggregatoren den Rang ab? Wer braucht noch eine Aggregator, wenn er die interessantesten Links als Tweet empfangen kann? Der Popularität von Digg hat die Twitter-Mania scheinbar nicht geschadet, noch immer lassen sich dort durch eine Startseitenplatzierung im Durchschnitt 30.000 (!) User auf die eigene Seite leiten!

Wenn man sich mal die Statistiken von Yigg via Google AdPlanner anschaut, sieht man auch sehr deutlich, wie Yigg in den letzten Monaten Federn lassen musste.

Yigg Statistiken via AdPlaner

Den größten Aha-Moment gibt´s aber, wenn man sich mal anschaut, welche Seiten, denn außerdem noch von Yigg-Usern besucht wurden, und dort findet man fast ausschließlich SEO Seiten!, Seokratie, auf den ersten Plätzen, bis hin zu Gretus & Consti´s SEO-United … etc. etc.
Also scheinbar wirklich kein einziger „wirklicher“ User, wie sie sich bei Digg zu tausenden tummeln, sondern nur SEOs auf der Suche nach dem nächsten Backlink.

Mich würden wirklich mal ein paar Stimmen von Heavy-Yigg-Usern interessieren -> lohnt es sich überhaupt noch dort aktiv zu sein? Gibt es success storys, von gelungenem Yigg-Bait in jüngster Zeit? Wie ist der State of the Yigg Adress? Don´t get me wrong, ich mag Yigg Obercheffe KMR wirklich sehr gerne, gerade deswegen ist es ja auch so traurig, dass Yigg derart zu verkümmern scheint.

Aber ich will ja nicht nur meckern, und dann keine Ideen offerieren, wie man es besser machen könnte 🙂

Ich würde Yigg ganz langsam zu einem deutschen TweetMeme machen! Die „Yiggs“ wären also entsprechend die erfolgten Retweets einer Story. TweetMeme ist definitiv eine der schönsten Erfolgsgeschichten einer Twitter Applikation, so verkündete TechCrunch ja gestern, dass TweetMeme mittlerweile halb so viel Traffic wie Twitter hat!!

In Deutschland gibt es meines Wissens keine wirkliche Alternative, aber dennoch eine sehr aktive Twitter-Szene! Wenn Twitter sowieso den Rang abläuft, wieso nicht die Stärken von beiden Systemen kombinieren? Dadurch könnte Yigg sogar etwas werden, was nicht mal TweetMeme ist – eine Art hollistischer News-Aggregator fürs deutsche Internet! Yigg, think about it… we don´t wanna loose you!

How to make money with Twitter

Despite what some people are saying right now, Twitter still got A LOT of buzz & new Twits joining in on a daily basis! I get asked quite frequently how to actually use Twitter to make some serious cash, and there are some cool things, you can do to achieve that. Let´s take a closer look at one peticular technique > The Twitter Affiliate Cashmaschine (just sounds a lot cooler with a flashy name 🙂 …)

Step 1 -> Choose a niche
Find a niche, what people are actually talking about on twitter. Popular affiliate niches like „Acai Berry“ and „Forex“ stuff doesn´t really work, since most of the tweets are Twitter spammers themselves…

One great niche for example is Music – take the current charts for example, and search the name of the bands as well as the songtitles on Twitter, and you´ll see an avalanche of people twittering stuff like „Listening to…“ / „I just love …“ etc. Just take a look yourself by for example searching for „Black Eyed Peas“ on Twitter! And there´s one affiliate program, that just fits perfectly -> Ringtone offers 🙂
(btw. -> I know „Ringtones“ are just sooo 2006, but it´s just about the example to illustrate the way you should be thinking + the process)

Step 2 -> Register a new Twitter account
I would never advise you to use your own twitter account to do that kind of stuff + I would find a more specific name anyways. So in my example I would register a new twitter account called something like „BlackEyedPeasFan“ or „ILoveBlackEyedPeas“ and find a nice picture of the artist / band as a profile pic. You should also get a custiom Twitter background, since it just looks a lot less spammy, when you have a custom background. Maybe paste the dates of their worldtour on it, or just find a great picture you can use as a wallpaper…

Step 3 -> Automate content
Since you´ll be doing this on a rinse & repeat basis, so basically for 100 artists and / or bands, and not just a single one, you definetly need to set up a routine to automate content for your account. That´s actually a pretty easy task ->

a) Set up a Google Alert for „Black Eyed Peas“ and a couple of their songtitles („I gotta feeling„) and grab the RSS-feed you get from Google

b) Mix in Musicvideos and Video-Interviews by grabbing a RSS-feed from YouTube -> (you can actually put ANY keyword in there!)

c) Go to a service like TwitterFeed, create an account, add your feeds and let Twitterfeed fill in content on your „BlackEyedPeasFan“ account.

Step 4 -> Find new friends & Black Eyed Peas fans
Use a service like Twollow, Hummingbird or whatever to Auto-follow people that talk about your niche. So set up keywords like „Black Eyed Peas„, „I gotta feeling“ and a few others of their songs. You can also use sites like Twellow or the Twitter advanced search to manually find other Black Eyed Peas fans. Be careful though, Twitter has started cracking down on Twitter spammers and fake Twitter accounts, so make sure to operate within the guidelines and don´t grow that fast (don´t follow more the 100 people a day when starting up a new account etc.).

Step 5 -> Promote your offer
Use a service like Tweetlater to automatically send people a direct message when they follow you (which will eventually happen, when you auto-follow a lot of people and have a nice Black Eyed Peas account), and promote your ringtone offer like „Hey! Great to have found another big Black Eyed Peas fan! Just downloaded the I gotta feeling Ringtone -> YourAffiliURL“ – or whatever. Make sure to test multiple messages for better CTR!

You will be amazed how many people (especially unexperienced!) will actually click on the link, and may even download the ringtone for a nice commission.

But you won´t get rich by doing this just with one artist, you gotta rinse & repeat! So why not just take the whole top 100 artists in the current charts? „Emilia Torrini“ and „Jungle Drum„, „Linkin Park“ and „New Divide“ … rinse & repeat, rinse & repeat… you get the point 🙂

With a 100 twitter accounts like this and just 1 sale (!) a week per account (pretty conservative thinking, right?), you will be making 800 dollars a week (based on a standard ringtone commission of 8 dollars). If you´re thinking less conservative – just do the math!

And then just find another niche and a corresponding affiliate offer and rinse & repeat again 🙂

Just always make sure, that you´re as targeted as humanly possible – the more targeted traffic & people you can get, the better your affiliate offer is going to convert (doah! 🙂 …)

Oh, and don´t forgot to use a service like Twitter Karma every once in a while, to unfollow people that didn´t follow you back, to keep your account nice & tidy.

I got speedpainted!

Martin Mißfeldt of just totally rocked my socks! He did a Speedpainting of me, repainting a rather old picture of me (together with Claudia & Melly). It actually took him about 3 hours, and the result is just incredible! I´ve acutally never seen that kind of stuff, so I was really stunned! Especially for a guy like me, who can´t paint at all! When it comes to painting I suck big time – even stickmen look fat & retarded comin´ from my hands… so check it out ->