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Wie arbeitet ein SEO Agentur Vortrag #IWK09

Hier endlich nun doch die Präsentation meines Vortrags „Wie arbeitet eine SEO Agentur, und wie kann man als Kunde deren Arbeit kontrollieren„, den ich letzte Woche auf dem Internet World Kongress in München gehalten habe.

Ich hatte ja lange damit gehadert, die Präsentation zu veröffentlichen, nachdem ich ja wohl doch ein paar Agenturen mit meinem Beispielen auf die Füße trete 🙂 … daher musste ich auch leider eine Menge der Folien mit Beispielen zensieren. Ich weiß, dadurch ist die Präsentation nur halb so lustig & informativ, aber die Core-Message kommt meiner Meinung nach immer noch rüber. Also wie gesagt -> sorry für die Zensur!

Hier noch ein kurzes Interview zum Thema, dass Tanja Gabler (follow her on Twitter) von der Internet World mit mir während dem Kongress gemacht hat. Danke Tanja!

AMAZONICA – The Pictures #SEOsForCharity

Since BILD am Sonntag finally came out with the story yesterday (if you didn´t buy one, just head over to to the online version – you really GOT to read it (it´s german though…), it´s really a wonderful article about the Achuar and the Amazonica Project!) – I can finally blog some pictures from my trip to the ecuadorian Jungle!

You can find all the pictures over at my FlickR account – check´em out!

It´s really been an amazing trip, and words just can´t describe the things I have seen. And although I had an incredible time, I´m also sad, when I think about the future of this last haven of nature… Oil- & Wood-Companies just don´t give shit about neither this beauty of nature, nor the Achuar and their 2 million (!) fellow Indians! It´s just about the millions of dollars you can earn with the oil, that´s beneath their feet, and more millions with the trees, that are the home to the gods they believe in…

Mascha Kauka, who´s been fighting for the Indio´s for the last 20 years (!) really does an incredible job with her project Amazonica, and although getting threatened her life all the time, and even being kidnaped twice now already, she´s still fighting – and she will continue fighting! But now she definetly has one more supporter in me! What about you?

Check out -> AMAZONICA.ORG

And now, here are some of my favourite pictures (don´t forget to stop by on FlickR!)

Amazonica Pic 2
Sharamentsa, home of the Achuar, from above

Amazonica Pic 3
Mascha Kauka, Uyunkar and myself

Amazonica Pic 4
The whitest boy alive 🙂

Amazonica Pic 5
On the hunt with Carlos and Chuim

Amazonica Pic 10
Me and Nantu working (looks a little bit like LOST, right? 🙂 …)

Amazonica Pic 1
The Internet Antenna launching ceremony

Amazonica Pic 6

Amazonica Pic 11

Amazonica Pic 7
Tiriruk is always laughing

Amazonica Pic 8
@ grammar school

Amazonica Pic 9

(Photo Credit of most of the pix -> Christian Spreitz – thank you very much Christian!!)

Heute BILD am Sonntag kaufen!

in der heutigen Ausgabe der BILD am Sonntag ist ein vierseitiger Artikel über AMAZONICA von Albert & Christian, mit denen ich letzte Woche die Achuar in Ecuador besucht habe!

BILD am Sonntag AMAZONICA Artikel

Der Artikel ist übrigens bereits auch auf zu finden -> Im Glückswald

Ni Nawenak Ukutin

Amazonica Pic 1

I´m back from the Jungle! It´s really been an incredible experience! I still don´t really know what to say, or even worse… what to blog… there´s just so much storys to tell! But there´s one thing I can tell you for sure -> AMAZONICA really does an amazing job, and I´m really proud to be a part of it! A big thanks goes out to Mascha, who´s been fighting for the Indios now for over 20 years! And thanks to Uyunkar Domingo, Nantu and all the people from the Anchuar for the hospitality!

Unfortunatly I can´t blog any of the pictures yet, since BILD am Sonntag will run an article on AMAZONICA this sunday, and I just happen to got lots of awesome pictures from BamS Photographer Christian Spreitz, so I can´t take any of those away, before the issue comes out on sunday. So I agreed to wait blogging any pictures until sunday! So check back here sunday for some really cool pictures from my trip to the ecuadorian rainforest!

But I already uploaded 2 videos – check them out!

The Internet Antenna launching ceremony (including the answer, why the Indians call me Ni Nawenak Ukutin 🙂 …):

The Arrival at Sharamentza, home of the Anchuar:

(Picture Credit -> Christian Spreitz)