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See ya in Amsterdam

Are you ready for A4Uexpo Amsterdam? I sure am… can´t wait for my flight tomorrow!

I´m looking forward to meet all you guys at the Ignite Party, although I should take it a little slow, since I´m speaking 3 (!) times on tuesday!

I´m speaking
12.30 -> Extreme SEO Panel
15.00 -> The Future of Affiliate Marketing in Germany
16.30 -> International Super Affiliate Panel

To stir the hype a little, A4U did an awesome teaser for the Future of Affiliate Marketing in Germany panel – check it out:

Future of Affiliate Marketing in Germany

You haven´t registered for A4U yet? It´s already on tuesday, so make up your mind, and register!

SMX Munich rocked!

Just a quick SMX MUNICH ROCKED almost-weekend-post…
It just really did!
If you´re one of the probably really few people, that missed out Webmasters on the Roof AllStars Panel LiveShow on WebmasterRadio, you can check it out here (it was mostly english, so no need for a german dictionary). The panel was really fun, and by far one of the best shows we ever had! Thanks so much to my congenial partner FridayNite, and the WotR AllStars Rand, Bob, Mikkel and Johannes for helping us out! And a big thanks to Alexander, Matthew & Sandra Finlay, for letting us broadcast live from SMX! You guys rock!!

SMX Munich Pic 1

The SMX SearchBash, which was co-hosted by the Webmaters on the Roof was also loads of fun, although at first only Rand and the lovely MysteryGuest hit the dance-floor, to dance to the special guest DJ-set of Bob „TerrorOnTheDancefloor“ Rains.

SMX Munich Pic 2

Everybody seemed to have liked the party… well, everybody besides maybe this guy, who looks pretty scared (well, Bob is pretty scary 🙂 …) -> check it out:

SMX Munich Pic 3

Alexander did a great Recap, with a pretty unique twist -> it´s the top 77 Tweets during SMX! Great idea! Also make sure to check out Flo´s and Pascal´s recaps! (More recaps pouring in -> SEODeluxe, Tekka, Stefan, Eric and the Nerd in Skirt)

Oh, and if you´re an avid collector of Mediadonis Memorabilia – check out what Paul snatched at the Party 🙂

See ya all next year!!

(Thanks to the awesome pictures to Simon )

Win the last free ticket for A4U Amsterdam!

A4Uexpo europe in Amsterdam is just around the corner! Next tuesday and wednesday (the 28th & 29th) A4U is coming to the european mainland for the first time, for an incredible conference experience, and if you haven´t signed up yet, this is your final chance to get A FREE TICKET 🙂

All you gotta do is twitter me your top reason why YOU just definetly have to be at A4U next week!

Tell me (don´t forget the @mediadonis) in 140 characters, why I should give you the last free ticket for this great event!

Right now, there are 164 people from germany coming to Amsterdam, so it will be bigger then a couple of other german events! And there´s even gonna be a german session!

To give you a little inspiration, these are my top 5 reasons, why every SEO / Online-Marketer, that takes this business seriously, should come out to Amsterdam for A4U:

1) „WordPress Optimisation Strategies“ with the godfather of WordPress SEO Joost de Valk
2) The „Extreme SEO Panel“ with DaveN, Dixon, Ciaran, Joost and my humble self
3) „Advanced Link Building, how to find and get those real juicy links in 2009“ with linking guru Christoph
4) 3 (!) awesome partys – the Ignite-, Breakout- & Urban Beach Party

So get your tweetdeck going, and tell me your top reason, why I should hand you the last & free ticket!

I will announce the winner tomorrow morning! Good luck!


Und gerade für meine deutschen Leser

Bis jetzt kommen 164 Leute (!) aus Deutschland zur A4Uexpo nach Amsterdam, und ich würde nur zu gerne einem weiteren deutschen das letzte gratis Ticket aushändigen!

Also twitter mir (@mediadonis), wieso gerade DU umbedingt zur A4Uexpo nach Amsterdam kommen willst!

Viel Erfolg!

UPDATE: Congratulations Ayudo / Maximilian for winning the last ticket for A4U with this tweet:

„wenn ich das letzte ticket von marcus nicht gewinne muss ich statt zur zur :(“

(Roughly translated: „if I don´t win the last ticket for, I have to go to instead“)

ABBA Revival Tour instead of A4Uexpo Amsterdam? No, we just can´t let this happen 🙂 … So you´re in Maximilian! See ya next week in Amsterdam!

The Mediadonis & The Ghost

Past friday I was invited to the film set of Academy Award winning director Roman Polanski´s new movie „The Ghost“ (Everything about The Ghost over at IMDB).

I actually auctioned this once in a lifetime opportunity at the Cinema for Peace Gala´s Charity Auction back in february. I just couldn´t resist 🙂

Maybe some of you guys already know, that I wrote a movie script with a friend a while back, and sold it to Hollywood producer Andreas Schmid (he was the executive producer of for example „Monster“ with Charlize Theron, and „Lord of War“ with Nicolas Cage). So I´m quite interested in the movie industry, and a big cineast!

The shoot was actually a night-shoot, which started friday night at 8 p.m., and ended about 6.30 in the morning… but although it was pretty rough, I enjoyed every second of it, and felt like a little kid in a candy store 🙂

Roman Polanski and the whole crew also took good care of me, and although he was pretty busy, he took quite some time to show me stuff, and share some stories! So I was basically sitting on his lap the whole time, watching his every move closely – awesome!! A real special thanks goes out to Roman´s assistent Malgosia, and Cinema for Peace organizer Jaka Bizilj!

And I´m even in the movie for like a split second, flying in a helicopter – but I don´t wanna spill any spoilers 🙂

So here are some pictures from the set:

Roman Polanski
Roman Polanski

Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan

Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor

Mediadonis arrested for buying links!

ArrestedNo, that´s not a picture of one of Max Mosley´s Party´s, it´s Mediadonis getting arrested by 3 slutty cops, for „buying links and manipulating the Google SERPs„. Apparently Google now hunts down SEOs, who are buying links, to finally get a grip on this pesky topic (without having to tweak the algo´s!). So flee the country as fast as you can guys, before the cops (they might be less slutty!) are getting you!