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More pixx from SEO de Janeiro

I just uploaded some more pictures from SEO de Janeiro on FlickR -> check it out

Today´s the last day, but some of the people are staying till tomorrow, or even thursday (like myself), so we´re not out of trouble yet 🙂
I´m really looking forward to spend two more days relaxing on the fabulous Copacabana beach – it´s 33 degrees (celsius!) -> there´s really not that much what you can do in this heat, but boiling on the beach 🙂

Btw. here´s an impression from the conference:
Rio Pic 11

… which sadly is located directly at the Copacabana – here a view out of the window
Rio Pic 14

We also partied a little (who would have thought…) at an awesome Club here in Rio (I actually don´t remember the name…?!)
Rio Pic 8

Although Rio is pretty cheap, this club wasn´t…
Rio Pic 15

And Tim had to give up eventually… 🙂
Rio Pic 12

But thank god we did a little boat-trip on sunday, to relax a little…
Christoph sure seemed to like the view 🙂
Rio Pic 9

Nooo… not that view -> this view
Rio Pic 13

But I liked it too… 🙂
Rio Pic 10

Here´s a quick video from our boat-trip:

SEO de Janeiro rocks!

SEO de Janeiro Pic 4

SEO de Janeiro has really been a blast so far! Day 1 was just about partying a little, to get to know all the people in a relaxed atmosphere – so we had a pool party in a great mansion on top of one of the numerous hills of Rio de Janeiro. Good times 🙂

On Day 0 (most of the people arrived early) we did a tour through the famous Rocinha favela, which is actually the largest favela in Rio (approx. 160.000 people live there!). Pretty cool tour (I actually filmed a little while walking throught the narrow paths – check it out on Youtube) – really something you don´t get to see so often!

Today is the actual 1st day of the conference part of SEO de Janeiro, at a great venue right at the Copacabana – that´s the way to work 🙂

Btw. since a lot of people are asking about it -> we got people from 11 (!!) different countries attending SEO de Janeiro: Germany (actually 7 people!), U.S., Belgium, Denmark, Australia, Austria, England, Belgium, Argentina, New Zealand and Brasil. Just the brightest SEO minds from all over the world – nice 🙂

Some more pictures from our trip:
SEO de Janeiro Pic 1
The famous Ipanema Beach

SEO de Janeiro Pic 2
Rocinha Favela

SEO de Janeiro Pic 3
Awesome view from top of Rocinha

I set up a Photostream „SEO de Janeiro“ over at my FlickR account, which I will keep updating – so check it out!

Greetings from Rio de Janeiro

… damn it´s hot here… 🙂
This morning I went jogging at about 7.30 in the morning, and it was already 28 degrees (celsius!)!
What a great place for a great conference! Our 1st SEO de Janeiro starts tomorrow morning, but most of the people already arrived (even 7 (!) guys from germany!), so we´re having a sick day planned out for today. SEO de Janeiro Baby!! 🙂

Join us @A4Uexpo Roadshow Munich

A4U Roadshow LogoA4UExpo Europe in Amsterdam is just around the corner (you can still save 100€ if you register until the 28th of february, so register now!) – I really can´t wait! A4UExpo has been a rising star on my conference circuit , and I´m more then happy, that A4Uexpo has finally a stop on european mainland! And not just any city -> it´s Amsterdam Baby 🙂
It will be a hell of a conference, and if you´re an affiliate, looking to leverage your business, you just gotta be there!

But there´s one more chance for a great night out with some fellow affiliates, cause the A4Uexpo Roadshow is coming in munich! Meet the team at a4uexpo and share a beer or two with fellow affiliates, merchants and agencies from Germany.

On Thursday, the 5th of march 2009 at 6 p.m. at the Schwabinger Wassermann here in my beautiful hometown of munich!

It´s totally free to attend! The only thing you gotta do is register in advance. Other Roadshows will be held in Paris, Madrid and Amsterdam, but make sure to stop by in munich, cause we´ll blow it through the roof 🙂

Hope to see ya on the 5th of march here in munich!

Cinema for Peace and the Glamourdonis

Cinema for Peace LogoCinema for Peace has really been incredible yesterday! So many cool people, like „Lord of the Rings“ and StarWars Actor Christopher Lee, Pink Floyd Founder Roger Waters, Ben „Ghandi“ Kingsley, Gus van Sant (who won the price for his movie „Milk„) Bob Geldorf and loads of other bigass celebs.

The most incredible thing was the special award Leonardo diCaprio got for his incredible movie 11th hour, presented by no other then Michael Gorbatschow himself! I guess that´s pretty much as good as it gets, right? A historic figure like Gorbatschow giving you an award for your continuous ecological commitment! Whoa!

For me personally, the most moving film, that won an award was „The day after peace“ by Jeremy Gilley (who sat almost right next to me, and is really a cool dude!) – and the whole concept of „Peace one day“ ( – a global day of cease fire and peace on the 21st of september! Check out the website, and support this incredible movement!

It´s great, that Cinema for Peace is dedicated to honour movies, not just by their success at the box office!

I also tried to show some support by once again participating in the charity live auction. I was lucky enough to place the winning bid (it was actually 14.000 euros) of a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience -> one day on the set of Roman Polanski´s new movie „The Ghost„, which is being shot in germany, with Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan and James Belushi! I will be part of the crew for one day, sitting right next to Roman Polanski the whole day (maybe I can even sneak into the movie…?! :-)…)! Awesome stuff!!

Sure, it´s a steep price tag, but truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, and -> it´s for a good cause! All proceeds of the charity auction went to the Raissa Gorbatschow Foundation & Leonardo diCaprio Foundation!

SEOs for Charity!!

Wanna read more about Cinema for Peace and see some pictures? Head over to these sites – it was pretty much all over the news this morning…

-> Focus Online
-> BILD Online
-> BUNTE (some great pictures over there!)

Cinema for Peace

Cinema for Peace LogoThis year once again, many role models of our society, stars and celebrities from media, film, music and politics like Leonardo DiCaprio, Catherine Deneuve, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bryan Adams, Christopher Lee and many more gather in Berlin, during the Berlinale, to publicly discuss and address social, humanitarian and environmental issues of our time. That´s Cinema for Peace
And guess who will be strutting down the red carpets with them? 🙂

Thanks to the Raissa Gorbatschow Foundation and BMW I got 2 tickets for tonights at Stechers Stammtisch a while back. So it´s time to dress up like James Bond again (can´t wait to wear my tux finally once again!) and party in Berlin. I actually never been at Berlinale yet, so I´m pretty happy to make my first appearance at a glamorous event like this.

Vodafone just rocks my socks!

Last weekend Vodafone invited 10 of their affiliates to Dubai – what a freakin´ blast! It´s always the most fun, to go on tour with Vodafone, and it just keeps getting better! After a trip to Lappland, a cruise on the AIDA, a visit to the soccer european championship in Austria, this time the destination was Dubai! Vodafone got us pimped out suites at the amazing Mina A´Salam in the Jumeirah hotel complex, just a few steps from the only 7 star hotel in the world -> the Burj al Arab. We actually had an amazing Kobe steak dinner (!) at the Burj on our last night – fun times! Although I really gotta say, that the drinks are a bit pricy… even for spoiled SuperAfifiliates… when was the last time you dropped 2k for a round of drinks? 🙂

The activity program was also pretty pimped out, and ranged from dune bashing in the dessert (check out the video of my scary driving 🙂 …), speed boating (which wasn´t as speedy as expected…) etc. etc. … everything besides sleeping. But who needs sleep, when you are in one of the most amazing citys of the world!

Thank you so much Vodafone (and especially Affiliate Manager of the Year Andreas Schubert, as well as nonstopConsulting) for inviting me to this awesome event! I really had a blast! If you´re not doing Affiliate for Vodafone yet -> get into the game! Check out their affiliate programm over at their designated affiliate page.

Wanna see more pictures? Head over to my FlickR account and check them out!

Dubai 2009 Pic 1
The whole crew

Dubai 2009 Pic 2
The Burj al Arab just barely visible in the morning mist

Dubai 2009 Pic 3
Affiliate Master of Desaster Jens and myself enjoying out Business Class Upgrade

Dubai 2009 Pic 4
Since Vodafone pays its employees so well, Schubi drove to Dubai with his new Lambo

Dubai 2009 Pic 5
The view from our awesome rooms at Mina A’Salam

Dubai 2009 Pic 6