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Sensory Overload

Konijiwa everyone from Tokyo!
What an amazing city!! At first, I almost got a seizure from those gigantic blinking advertising panels everywhere, with strange dogs and weird cartoon characters screaming unidentifiable stuff in high pitched voices… ahhhh 🙂
But you get used to it, and even more – you really get a hang out of it! It´s just plain awesome! Tokyo really just rocks my socks! The videogame- and electronics-mekka Akihabara, the bars & clubs of Shibuya and Roppongi, the awesome parks all around and just the best Sushi I ever had in my whole life – you just gotta love this city!

Let me give you three things, that are really weird about Japan:

1) To blow one´s nose is a huge taboo in public!
2) Modern japanese toilets make toiletpapaer unnecessary (don´t let me get into details!)
3) Businessmen reading hardcore pornography cartoons openly in the metro!

But all weird´ness aside – it´s really incredible! Everybody (and I mean everybody!) is just super nice, although almost nobody speaks or understands even a single word of english, and I really feel safe, although being a complete foreigner.

I didn´t make that many pictures yet, only a few yesterday at Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, where I spent almost the whole afternoon:

Tokyo Pic 1
Tokyo Pic 2
Tokyo Pic 3

After that I went to the gigantic Tokyo Dome to help 45.000 baseball crazy Tokyo´ians cheer on their home team Yomiuri Giants in their spectacular 6:2 win over the Chinchiu Dragons in the playoff-series (The Yomiuri Giants won the best-of-7 Series 3-1-1 and advanced to the Japan Series, which is the japanese equivalent to the MLB World-Series).

Tokyo Pic 4

On a more SEOy sidenote – at the same time we talked to Rand Fishkin about his new & awesome tool Linkscape on our latest edition of Webmasters on the Roof, germany´s finest SEO Sistrix released his Online Marketing Toolbox -> Check out Sistrix´ Toolbox! He explains the four modules for Monitoring, Backlink Analysis, PPC Research and other SEO Tools in full length on his blog, so make sure to read all about it.
I use his Toolbox myself, and I really gotta say -> I just love it! I actually can´t live without it anymore, since it´s the most comprehensive set of tools I ever laid my hands on! And – it´s still way to cheap! I actually told him, to make it much more expensive, since I don´t even want everybody to use his awesome tools 🙂
Great job Johannes!

Oh, and if you´re looking for some geeky christmas gifts -> check out the Grandmaster-of-Awesomeness Jeremy´s post -> Practical And Funny Gifts For The Person That Has Everything – I definetly need one of those Anti-Theft Coffee Cups, what an incredibly useful idea 🙂

Oh, and I surpassed 800 followers over at Twitter!! Thanks everybody for following me!

Around the world in 40 days

I´m flying to Tokyo tomorrow – yeay!
I was actually going to speak there at SES Tokyo, but unfortunatly the show got cancelled (I´m sad like this shark over here…), but since my business class flight with Lufthansa is already paid for, and the Tokyo Hilton just as well, I thought I might fly anyway. I´ve never been to Tokyo (I actually lived in Hongkong for a little while), so I think I can have some fun there for a week! If anybody got some suggestions what to see or what to check out, please let me know!

From Tokyo I´ll fly directly to Rome where Lena Theresa Bavaria, the little baby girl of Mrs. October Anna and the mighty EveningMaster Philip is going to get baptized (actually in the Pantheon in Rome – cool location!).

I´ll be in munich for just 5 days, before I fly off to Las Vegas for PubCon! And right after that, I seriously consider flying to Sydney for CAP Down Under! I was asked to speak there, so a great way to get to Australia on a business trip 🙂

So that´s the trip:

I flew over 62.000 kilometers this year already, and this trip would add another approx. 70.000 kilometers! The good thing about it -> I will finally achieve Senator Status at Lufthansa, which just freakin´ rocks (I will have spent 30.000 euros with Lufthansa this year, since I´m only flying business class internationally, so I guess it´s alright to finally name me a Senator 🙂 …)

Oh btw. if you´re a burglar -> this is not a service for you, so you know when I´m not going to be at home 🙂
(I actually got a private security service at my appartment complex, so I´m not really worried)

– Map by Google Maps


I just got two pictures of my 3rd marathon I ran last sunday – please don´t make fun of my pants 🙂

Marathon Pics

A4U London rocked again!

A4UExpo London has really been a blast again – what a huge turnout! A4U started off last year with a big bang, and it got even better this year! Over 1.000 people (more than twice as much people then last year), great speakers, great networking – just one of of the overall best conferences I´ve been to this year!

I really enjoyed my two panels – „Extreme SEO Strategies for Affiliates“ and „Affiliate Doctors‘ Live!„, but I also visited a bunch of other sessions & panels, which I rarely do at other conferences!

Always great to meet old friends -> Duncan, Patrick, I-got-all-iPhone-Apps Todd, Dixon, Ciaran, Roy, Evert, the PresellPageMan, Dave, Richard, new Conversion-Rate-Expert Stephen, Marlon, Jan, Andi, Jon, Jeroen & Quadszilla… (did I forget someone….?!)

And new friends -> Mel (who knows the cost per monk), Chris, Al, Anthony, Rob and Peter

Oh, and I think our Webmasters on the Roof VIP Winner Steffen enjoyed the show, too!

A4UExpo 2008 Pic 1
Joost, Dave, me and the EvilGreenMonkey @ the Extreme SEO Panel

A4UExpo 2008 Pic 2
When Dave talks I listen with great concentration

A4UExpo 2008 Pic 3
Full house @ the Affiliate Doctors Panel

Stop by Joost to see his WordPress SEO Presentation, see more pics over at FlickR & reserve a spot in your calender on the 28th and 29th of April, cause A4U is coming to Amsterdam!!

Thanks to Matthew and his Existem Team for everything – great job you guys!

Just did it!

My 3rd marathon was really a blast! After 4:17 for my 1st, and 4:20 for my 2nd marathon, I ran the 42 kilometers in 3:53 this year! And I could have even been faster, if I wouldn´t have had a nasty cold, making it hard to breathe at times… But I´m really more then happy, I beat my personal best time (and coming in 279th in my age group), and… oh well, for just finishing – because just face it -> it´s still a freakin´ marathon, and I´m not getting any younger, nor did the Oktoberfest, which just ended a week ago, do my ambitions any good 🙂

It´s just such a great feeling finishing a marathon! From kilometer 28 on, every muscle in your body tells you to stop, and not much later, a voice in your head is consistently screaming „Stop running you douchebag!!!“ 🙂 … but you´re still pulling it through… all for this one moment, when you cross the finishline…

Here are the stats of my run:
Marathon Statistik

Das härteste Weihnachtsgeschäft seit 1991!

Morgen ist endlich der München Marathon, und in München wird tolles Wetter bei 20 Grad erwartet – yeay!!
Ich hoffe, dass ich morgen nach dem Marathon nicht wie dieser Typ hier aussehe 🙂
Naja, keine Angst – ich bin trotz einer exzessiven Partynacht gestern topfit, und freue mich tierisch auf die 42 Kilometer morgen!

Grund meines Posts ist aber eigentlich diese Top-Story der InternetWorld Business gestern -> Videowerbung mit schlechteren Klickraten als traditionelle Display-Werbung!

Ich mag die IWB ja eigentlich sehr gerne, auch wenn gerade Artikel zum Thema SEO des öfteren ja eher unteres Abakus Niveau haben… Leider wird meiner Meinung nach auch viel zu oft Copy&Paste Journalismus betrieben, bzw. halt simplestes Pressemitteilungsabdrucken. Aber die IWB hat halt auch kein dutzend Redakteure zur Hand, von demher würd ich sagen, machen die Jungs & Mädels auf jeden Fall nen guten Job!

Aber dann gestern dieser Artikel… Jesus! Da wird eine total sinnentleerte Studie vorgestellt, die offenbart, dass US Websurfer lieber auf Text- oder Display-Anzeigen, anstatt auf Video-Ads klicken! Und wie hat man das herausgefunden? Nicht etwa durch die Messung der Clicks – nein, man hat die Leute befragt! Bitte was??
Die Studie kommt also zu dem Ergebnis, dass Online-Marketer getrost auf Video-Ads verzichten können – klickt ja niemand! OMG!! Sach ma, geht´s noch? Was ist denn das für ein bescheuerter Rat? Das gerade Video-Ads noch nen netten Branding-Effekt haben können, hat bei den Studienverursacher-Jungs wohl niemand bedacht, oder? Henry schreibt es ganz treffend in den Kommentaren:

Sind die Marketing-, Werbe- und Kommunikationsziele von Textlinks, Displayanzeigen und Videoads tatsächlich die selben und insofern überhaupt vergleichbar? Wenn dem so ist, sollten Sie gleich noch schnell einen Artikel zum Responseverhalten von Konsumenten bei Printanzeigen, Rundfunkwerbung, TV-Spots, Postwurfsendungen und Außenwerbung nachlegen.

Hierfür ein ganz großes ACK!

Aber das lustigste kommt noch ->

Online-Händlern wird das härteste Weihnachtsgeschäft seit 1991 prophezeit„, resümiert Jonathan Levitt, Marketing-Vorstand bei iPerceptions.

Bitte was??? Hat den Artikel nochmal jemand gegengelesen? 🙂

Ok ok… bleiben wir bei lustigen Dingen…
schon mal nach „Dow Jones Index“ gegoogelt? Nette Anzeige von Vorbild 🙂

Dow Jones Woot Ad

Nochwas lustiges gibt´s bei Christoph – eine netter Brief unter dem Motto -> „Bitte nicht klicken“ 🙂

Nicht gerade lustig, aber sehr interessant -> Über 100.000 Leute haben sich die WordPress iPhone Application runtergeladen! WHOA!
Und Lee hat eine nette Wunschliste für Twitter gemacht, die ich bedingungslos so unterschreiben kann! Ich bin ja mittlerweile sowieso richtig Twittersüchtig (mein Twitterprofil)! Mit mittlerweile fast 800 Followern macht die Sache aber halt auch langsam richtig Spaß! Oh, und wo wir grad von Twitter reden -> Twitter eignet sich sogar zum Heiratsantrag machen! Musste ja mal einer machen… 🙂

So, fertig für heute – nochwas lustiges zum Schluss -> Das Simpsons Intro komplett in LEGO – geil!

6 more days…

The Oktoberfest is over, and Munich Marathon right around the corner… I´m still a little sick, and exhausted… But no time to loose to get in shape again till sunday!
Here´s my road to marathon -> my last month of practice! I ran 230 kilometers (about 142 miles) last month in 17 training sessions.

Road to Marathon

That´s definetly more then I practiced for my last two marathons, so I´m pretty excited about sunday – despite feeling like shit at the moment 🙂

Drunken Link Love Friday

I was invited over to Playboy Oktoberfest @Hippodrom last night – what a great party!!
But it´s really getting time for Oktoberfest coming to an end… just 3 more days… stay with me liver 🙂
Just a couple of things I stumpled upon…

The most expensive WordPress Blog ever sold! -> WHOA! 15 Million Dollars (roughly about 100 euros… 🙂 …) for a WordPress Blog / SEO Project – and not to forget -> only a single employee 🙂 Congratulations John Wu!

SearchEngineRapBattle -> Freakin´ awesome stuff! You can still vote, the winner will be announced on October 27th! I´m rooting for Google – the pale guy is just kickin´ ass, especially in the square off with Yahoo!

11 WordPress PlugIns every Blog should have -> Great recommendations from WordPress PlugIn God & SEOktoberfest Allstar Joost

Google Homepage Time-Lapse -> What a drag it must have been to pull all those screens, great job!

Oh, btw – did anyone listen to WebmasterRadio.FM last night? The probably most controversial Digg-User Andrew Sorcini, aka MrBabyMan, was guest over at Rainmaker, and Matt Cutts (who´s not the one that walks funny) joined Danny Sullivan @SearchCast. Good stuff – can´t wait for the upload. Since I´m still training for the marathon, I´m always happy about some great iPod fodder 🙂