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SEOktoberfest | Photos

Since words really can´t describe, how incredible SEOktoberfest has been, just take a look at the photos.
There´s been quite a lot of photos, so I created a bunch of albums ->

-> Pictures from the Conference
-> Pictures from Day 1 @ Hippodrom
-> Pictures from the Hippodrom Afterparty @ P1 Club
-> Pictures from Day 2 @ Armbrustschützenzelt
-> Pictures from the Armbrustschützen Afterparty @ Nachstich / Schrannenhalle

Here´s the whole SEOktoberfest-Crew
SEOktoberfest Pic 1

There was lots of stuff to talk about & to learn at SEOktoberfest
SEOktoberfest Pic 2

Hands on Tips on SEO and how to make money online
SEOktoberfest Pic 3

And there was party…
SEOktoberfest Pic 4

… lots of party…
SEOktoberfest Pic 5

… and really big bottles of champagne…
SEOktoberfest Pic 6

… which didn´t necessarily where there to drink
SEOktoberfest Pic 7

Thanks again to everybody, who was a part of the 1st SEOktoberfest – every single one of you made it what it was -> the most incredible event I ever attended! Still don´t believe me? Read what another attendee – Richard – thought of the SEOktoberfest experience

SEOktoberfest was the opposite of most webmaster conferences: no BS, no fakers, no newbies, no self-promotion. Just 25 or so serious internet entrepreneurs from the four corners of the world. I’ve never been to any webmaster conference where people speak so frankly: how they make money online, which traffic tricks work now, which strategies will pay off longer term.

I couldn´t have said that better 🙂
See ya all @SEOktoberfest 2009!

Oh, and last but not least -> a big thanks to the organizer & Eventmaster Philip!

SEOktoberfest rocked my world

We´re still sorting through the over 1.000 pictures taken by our two photographers – so a photo stream will be online soon, BUT like Mrs. Quadszilla I just have to say a quick WOW!! We really knocked this one out of the park! As Quad says -> „You won’t have to take my word for it; you can ask anyone who attended. I would honestly be shocked if any attendee said they’d ever been to a better event.“ – it was just simply amazing!

Thanks to everybody who attended -> the experts, that flew in from all over the world, the attendees, who trusted Quad and me on our 1st SEOktoberfest mission, and the special guests, that made this event really special! We all made a lot of new friends, heard stuff about SEO and making money online, that hopefully doesn´t get blogged in the near future, and just had a freakin´ blast!

My favourite quote from one of the attendees was „I made my 5.000 euros back in the first 2 hours of the event“ – so everything worked out the way it was supposed to be 🙂

But the most incredible fact -> everybody already confirmed to come back for SEOktoberfest 2009 – so I guess we´re already sold out for next year, since we don´t really want to make it any bigger… we´ll have to think about that… 🙂

Three of our german attendees already blogged about it:
-> Markus
-> Uwe
-> and our Blogger-Wildcard Winner Astrid

O´Zapft is!!

The 175th Oktoberfest has finally arrived!
I really can´t tell you, how I´ve been looking forward to those 3 words „O´Zapft is“ (-> roughly translated „the beer is flowing„)! We started off the Oktoberfest at Schützenfesthalle, which again seems to be the hottest tent at Oktoberfest! Big thanks to Jan for arranging the Herzerlbox!
After Wiesn (roughly 5 litres of beer later for me…) we went to Nachstich @Schrannenhalle, which will also be an official SEOktoberfest After-Wiesn-Party venue.
I think I got home at like 4… great way to kick of the greatest festival in the world!
I love you Oktoberfest!

Wiesn 2008 Pic 1
Wiesn 2008 Pic 2
Wiesn 2008 Pic 3

Funny movie trailer recuts

You probably all know the movie Superbad… If not, even better! Take a look at this recut trailer – No Country for old men meets Superbad! It´s soo hillarious, I almost spit my morning coffee all over my keyboard 🙂
It´s so amazing, that they make Superbad look like a serious drama!

Want more? Take a look at the 1980´movie classic The Shining recut as a love drama – not much horror left in this trailer 🙂

Oh, and for something completly different – If you love Superbad (as probably everybody does…), you just got to see Pineapple Express 🙂

Steffen Bastian rocked the A4U contest

As some of you already heard at the OMClub on wednesday night @OMD Steffen Bastian won the VIP package for A4U Expo, and is flying with me to London next month! Congratulations Steffen!

We had quite some cool entries, but Steffen topped everybody with this awesome video, explaining why he desperatly wants to be @A4UExpo ->

Great job Steffen! Again -> congratulations! See ya next month in London!

Extreme SEO @A4U 2007 Full Session Video

Matthew just put up the full 1 hour session video from the „Extreme SEO“ panel at A4UExpo last year! Pretty cool!
Check out Joost, SEO Mastermind JasonD, Dixon and my humble self quarrel about different SEO techniques and strategies. Here you go:

Extreme SEO – a4uexpo 2007 from Peter on Vimeo.

Wanna fly with me to London for A4UExpo 2008 in 32 days? There´s still a A4UExpo VIP Package up for grabs! Get your ticket for A4UExpo London, 3 nights in the official conference hotel, travel expenses and much more… oh, and party like a rockstars with us!! Just tell me, why you have to be @ A4U London, and what you like the most about our Webmasters on the Roof show (ass kissing rocks 🙂 …). We´ll announce the winner next tuesday at the OMClub Party @OMD in Düsseldorf! Good Luck!

Thanks to Steffen (where I actually read, that Matthew blogged the video…)

Kevin Ryan ist dabei beim SEOktoberfest

Kevin RyanUnglaublich, aber wahr – niemand geringerer als Kevin Ryan hat soeben seine Teilnahme am SEOktoberfest bestätigt! Kevin Ryan ist seit nicht allzu langer Zeit der „neue Danny Sullivan“ – und damit Chef der SearchEngineStrategies Konferenzen, sowie von SearchEngineWatch! Genau das SearchEngineWatch, welches seit nunmehr über 11 Jahren über rund um Suchmaschinen & SEO berichtet (hier der erste Artikel vom Juni 1997!). Zwar sind wir schon mehr als die versprochenen 10 Experten (mit Kevin sind es nun 12 Experten), aber dafür wurden nochmal zwei weitere 5.000 Euro Zahler von der Nachrückerliste nachnominiert. Die Trachten werden Montag geordert (jeder Teilnehmer am SEOktoberfest bekommt ja ein komplettes Wiesn-Outfit, von der Lederhosen bis zu den Trachtenschuhen, von uns geschenkt!), und in 11 Tagen ist es dann endlich soweit!!

Hier nochmal alle Experten und ihre Fachbereiche in der Übersicht – meet the Experts:

Quadszilla – BlackHat SEO
Joost de Valk – WordPress SEO & Programmierung
Bob Rains – White Hat SEO und Affiliate-Marketing
Brian Clark – Blogging & Copywriting
Kevin Ryan – SEO Landscape & Industry
Brent Csutoras – Social Media Optimization & Viral Marketing
Greg Boser – Greyhat SEO & Linkbuilding
Barbara Boser – Buzz & Viral Marketing
Frank Watson – PPC Marketing
Martin Sinner – Investing & „Big Picture“ SEM
Johannes Beus – SEO, Tools & Programmierung

… oh, und ich bin natürlich auch dabei 🙂

Ist ein wirklich cooler Mix geworden – hätten Quadszilla und ich selber nicht gedacht, dass wir soviele Hochkaräter bekommen… und natürlich, dass wir das Ding innerhalb von 17 Tagen ausverkauft haben 🙂 … und immer noch über 10 Leute auf der Nachrückerliste, die sich leider ein wenig zu spät entschieden hatten (was ja auch daran lag, dass wir viele krasse Experten ja erst verkündet haben, als der Event bereits ausgebucht war). Better luck next year 🙂

Join us for the 100th show of WotR

FridayNite already blogged it – tomorrow will be the 100th show of Webmasters on the Roof !! Unbelievable, it´s been 100 shows already – especially since we´ve only been around for 2 years, so you see, we where really dedicated doing the show every week!

We´re havin´ a big BBQ on the original Webmasters on the Roof roof – FridayNite´s roof, where it all started! If you´re in munich, join us for the show, the bbq and a whole lot of beer up on the roof! Just shoot FridayNite an email (so we know how many cows we have to kill) and show up at around 6ish on the roof! A bunch of SEOs are already coming, so come on, too – we´d love to have a full roof! See ya tomorrow!

Invasion of the Google-lovin-squirrel

A squirrel just jumped into my appartment… he ran through my whole appartment´s upper level, before it finally stopped… on my Google Fridge 🙂


Mens sana in corpore sano

I just love Nike+! I actually don´t use the iPod Mini Version, but the bracelet, which shows you the mileage & time. I really run a lot – at least one half-marathon and two shorter runs a week (combined with 3x gym a week), but I never actually time myself, I just always run more or less the same route. Now Nike+ keeps track of all my runs – pretty nice, I love it! Especially since I´m training hard for my 3rd marathon this year (here´s the post about my 1st, and here´s the 2nd). Why I´m training so hard these days? Since the Munich Marathon is right after Oktoberfest (actually just one week later), it´s always a reaaaal drag to get fit again after drinking for 2 straight weeks 🙂
Run Forrest Run 🙂

Nike+ Stats