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SES Hamburg recap – German search conferences are on a rise!

I just arrived in Las Vegas last night! Altough haven gotten bumped up to Lufthansa First Class (nice!), still a hell of a trip (about 19 hours door-to-door) again. Fabolous Ceasars Palace upgraded my as well, so I´m now typing this post in my freakin´ awesome penthouse suite on a private pentouse floor on top of the palace-tower… I really don´t know which of the 3 baths (!) I should use 🙂

I really can´t wait to stroll around my second home vegas in a little bit, but before I do that – here´s a quick recap of SES Hamburg, which took place on monday & tuesday!

I really had a great time! It´s so great to see, that the german conferences finally pick up some speed, and become more and more like the shining US-examples! Sure, it still feels lightyears away, but compared to what was going on the last couple of years – it´s definetly a huge improvement! It was great to a lot of familiar faces again (and some even for the first time, like my SEO-childhood hero Fantomaster, Malte, Jens etc. etc.).

Lennart´s & Timo´s Party was also loads of fun, especially due to our live show from their new office – what great new office! Thanks to Kevin, Martin & Joost for the heavy contribution on our show!

A unique reunion happened later at the Axel Springer Party – six former Scouty´s (we all used to work for Scout24), all more then successful in their „new lifes“, met up for a Ex-Scouty-Get-Together – pretty amazing how many great online marketers evolved from Scout24! Meet the Scout24-Allstars 🙂

SES Hamburg Pic 1
Patrick C.Price (Idealizer), Niels Dörje (Google), Ronjon Sarcar (iProspect), Ron Hillmann (Iven & Hillmann), me and Pascal Fantou (Q48)

Joost uploaded some more pictures over at FlickR – I especially like this one with Patrick, Joost, Matt McGovan and myself ->

SES Hamburg Pic 2

Really great times! Can´t wait for SES Hamburg next year 🙂

Some more can be found over at lovely Nina´s Blog or at Monti´s. Btw. -> Tadeusz thought it was a huge waste of time

Oh, and while you´re at it checking out other blogs, jump over to Alexander Holl´s new blog, maybe you´ll like it.

Scary data

I was playing a little around with Google Trends for Websites this morning. Google states that

Trends for Websites combines information from a variety of sources, such as aggregated Google search data, aggregated opt-in anonymous Google Analytics data, opt-in consumer panel data, and other third-party market research.

Now I found something pretty scary (at least in my opinion…). I checked the data for my JOBlog (a german blog about job, career and jobboards in germany) -> here´s the query

As you can see, the No.1 website „also visited“ is a site called „“

Google Trends for Websites Exhibit A

This site is also the No.1 outbound-click on JOBlog!
I´m using Google Analytics on JOBlog, and Joost´s incredible Google Analytics PlugIn for WordPress-Blogs. So I know pretty exactly which sites people click on and go to! Here´s a screenshot from my Google Analytics account:

Google Trends for Websites Exhibit B

As you can see, I referred 1.160 user this month to, and it´s my No.1 outbound-click!

How come this is my No.1 click? People, who are searching for „Lebenslauf“ on Google („CV“ in german) – and trust me, those are quite a lot – are landing on my „Lebenslauf Vorlage“ page on JOBlog („Lebenslauf Vorlage“ means something like „CV template“). And from there quite a lot of people (as you can see) click on this link ->

Google Trends for Websites Exhibit C

It means „more CV templates“, and the link goes to the pretty good site, which provides a couple of CV templates.

Google seems to use my Google Analytics data for the Google Trends for websites! Cause is not on the first couple of pages, when you search for „Lebenslauf“ or the likes. The only way, they could know, that the most people who were surfing on JOBlog did also visit is by my Google Analytics data.

Ok ok – I pretty much opted in, for this data to be used, when I agreed to the new benchmarking feature. But I didn´t know, that I´d also be used at Google Trends for Websites (since this product wasn´t even live then!). But Google clearly states:

16. How are you using Google Analytics data?
The Google Analytics data in Trends for Websites comes from the anonymous opt-in data sharing setting in Google Analytics. This setting enables website owners to share their data in an anonymous form.

So I pretty much got only myself to blame in this case, but it´s still scary as hell! Because that means, if you opted-in for the benchmarking, you´re pretty much sharing your clickout-data with the rest of the world – and it´s not „anonymous„, since your data is the only data they can use here to get those results!

Well, I don´t really care in this case, since JOBlog is just a private blog of mine, BUT if you´re using Google Analytics on your website, and don´t want to share your data with everybody else, who´s smart enough to use Google Trends for websites, you might want to opt-out of the „anonymous“ benchmarking.

Welcome to this world Lena Theresa Bavaria!

Theresa BavariaMy good friend Philip, the mighty Eveningmaster, and his beautiful girlfriend & Miss October Playmate 2007 Anna Scharl got a little babygirl!!

It´s been about 10 days already (the german FOCUS was a lot faster to report it), but I didn´t have a picture yet. Her name is Lena Theresa Bavaria, and as you can see, she´s amazingly cute! Congratulations to them! (and on a sidenote: Great job Philip, knocking up a Playmate 🙂 …)

Oh, and someone else spilled the news today (on Twitter!) -> Baynado is going to be a dad too pretty soon! Congratulations to Sammy!

Stechers Stammtisch

I was invited to the famous Stechers Stammtisch yesterday on the MS Deutschland, staring Michail Gorbatschow and ex-foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher. – I don´t really want to go into to many details, the yellow press already covered the event pretty well. (sorry, just german links…)

-> BILD Zeitung
-> Lübecker Nachrichten with some good pictures, and some more pictures

One of the main reasons for this event was an auction for a charitable cause – to help the Raissa Gorbatschow Foundation build a childrenhospital in St.Petersburg. I actually managed to auction two tickets for the amazing Cinema for Peace event during next years Berlinale (last years guests include people like George Clooney, Garri Kasparow and Ela Gandhi…) – can´t wait!
But the best part was, that Michail Gorbatschow himself thanked me for my contribution, so I got 2 great tickets and a picture for my blog out of it 🙂 … (and also a great occassion to wear my new tux again…)

Michail Gorbatschow

Really a great event, and all for a good cause!

Looking like James Bond

I´m invited to a Gala-Dinner tonight with former russian president and nobel peace prize winner Michail Gorbatschow on the famous cruise ship MS Deutschland. As most of you know, I´m not really that big a fan of wearing suits, but this time, I probably really can´t walk down the red carpet wearing jeans & sneakers… 🙂

So I bought a tuxedo (funny fact -> the german word for tuxedo is „smoking“… strange, huh?) – take a look, don´t I look like James Bond? I guess I have my drinks stirred, and not shaken tonight 🙂

Looking like James Bond

I kinda get to like this tux! Maybe I should wear the tux for tomorrows episode of Webmasters on the Roof – would give the show a whole new look – what do you think FridayNite?

Vodafone SuperAffiliates @ European Football Championship 2008

Vodafone just rocks my socks – after inviting their Top-Affiliates to Lappland, and on an AIDA cruise, they now invited us to Austria, to be part of the European Football Championship 2008 (for my US-Readers -> Football = Soccer 🙂 …)! What a great trip again! Although being a little short-stacked (only 10 people came along), it´s been more fun then ever! We were staying at a great hotel, right near Kloppeiner lake (which is right by the famous Wörthersee). We watched most of the games at the VIP lounge of the Fanzone Klagenfurt, had a nice trip to Slovenia, and partied with some famous football-players at Castle Wolfenstein Finkenstein – and last but not least had some great tickets for the (rather dissapointing) match Germany vs. Croatia! What a blast! Thank you so much again Vodafone & especially to my No.1 affiliate manager Andreas Schubert (you may recognize him, from his appearance at a recent episode of Webmasters on the Roof). Just get your ass up, and start promoting Vodafone – it´s not only the best affiliate program out there in the telecommunications-sector, you can also be part of the next Vodafone SuperAffiliate Experience! Don´t miss out on this great chance!

=> Check out the pictures over at FlickR!

These are my favourite ones:
Fussball EM Pic 1
Fussball EM Pic 2
Fussball EM Pic 3
Fussball EM Pic 4
(that´s actually my most favourite one 🙂 …)

I also got two videos up:
=> Austria celebrating the 1:1 penalty-kick goal vs. Poland (just to give you a glance at the atmosphere in the Fanzone Klagenfurt

=> Croatian fans everywhere – 30.000 croation football fans came to Klagenfurt to support their team!

Yeaw – I´m an Affilinet Top Publisher

Affilinet Top PublisherI just received an eMail, that I´m now an official Affilinet Top Publisher – nice 🙂

Affilinet just launched this Top Publisher thing, to reward some of their good affiliates, and also give their merchants a hint on wether a particular affiliate is a trusted publisher, and can drive significant traffic to their program.

This kind of labeling is not really new, to the german affiliate market – with Zanox it´s the AdRank (I think I got an AdRank of 8.1), and with CJ, it´s a number of bars (from 1 to 5) – yes, I´m a 5-bar publisher there 🙂
It´s really like the new Pagerank for people like me 🙂

Great that Affilinet now finally also got a system like that in place!
I just wonder, how many publishers received that labeling, anyone got numbers on this… ?!

Some more stuff, I just want to mention really quick ->
Karsten, the german godfather of affiliate marketing, Windfelder did a quick after-Affiliate-TactixX Interview with me over at this 100Partnerprogramme Blog – check it out! Oh, and Jojo posted my SES Hamburg interview just yesterday, so head over to his blog.

Marco spilled the news on my new Corporate Identity & Logo, some of you guys where fortunate enough to see already at Affiliate TactixX. I guess now I got to blog about it, but I want to brush up my blog a little bit first… so stay tuned.

Oh, and by the way – do you wanna know why your sites rankings have dropped in google? Check out this cartoon – that just might be true 🙂

And while you´re laughing, check out PokerAffiliatePrograms Blog, where Jeremy und Greg are showing off their touristy style (their luggage got lost in london on their way to cyprus – oh wonder) … 🙂

How to become a Super Affiliate?

Affiliate TactixX has really been great yesterday!
It´s still far away from an Affiliate Summit conference, but it´s still pretty great, we finally got a decent sized affiliate centered conference here in germany (hat tip to Markus)!

I spoke on „How to become a Super Affiliate“… oh well, I didn´t really speak a lot (sounds strange, right?… 🙂 …), I rather had some of my Super Affiliate friends explain, what their take is on how to become a super affiliate! I got some great feedback on those videos, and so I decided to put them up online, for everyone to enjoy! Thanks so much to Shawn, Jeremy, Kris & Mike and Bob & the two Obamas for making the videos and helping me out at my speech!

First up is Bob & the two Obamas of LetsMakeItAwesome which actually got the most cheers! Great video 🙂

Next up is Shawn Collins, Founder of Affiliate Summit

Jeremy aka Shoemoney also got some tips on how to become a Super Affiliate

And last but not least Mike Jones (with camerabitch Kris Jones) of Pepperjam

Thanks again to all four! You guys rock!