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Spreading some linklove

Abakus SEMSEO & PubCon have really been a blast! It´s been really great, seeing old friends, and a lot of new faces (like Stereophone, Jens, Hauke & Yannick for example). I actually didn´t do any any pictures, nor will I offer you guys a lengthy writeup, since the web´s already full with blogposts about the event. So if you want pictures, go here (or here), and if you wanna read something about SEMSEO & PubCon head over here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here – did I forget anyone? Jesus, that´s a lot of posts!! 🙂

Ah, and two more things – 1st -> Happy Birthday Neil! And 2nd congratulations to Adam for joining BOTW as Director of Business Development!!

SEOs for Charity – starting next week!

SEOs for CharityMy little SEOs for Charity project is heading for its first round! Next monday, the 28th of april I´ll help for one week at the Münchner Tafel (a well respected charity organisation in munich dedicated to collecting food from restaurants and supermarkets and making a “free supermarket” every day for the homeless and needily people in munich). I will be helping out at the Tafel for one whole week, from 7.30 in the morning until 6 p.m.
I will also donate something for every day I´m working there, but you´ll hear more about that on our next weeks show – cause you can help too!

It´s German Beer Day!

Tag des deutschen BieresToday is German Beer Day („Tag des Deutschen Bieres„)! German Beer Day is celebrated every 23rd of april, since on the 23rd of april 1516 (!) the Reinheitsgebot – German Beer Purity Law – got passed!
Yes, Germany actually got a provisional beer law! (Here´s an english translation of germany´s purity law)

So open yourself a bottle of beer and celebrate with us – it´s for a good cause 🙂

Speaking at the University of Darmstadt

Hochschule Darmstadt LogoMy good buddy and T-Online´s SEO Bitch Inhouse SEO Jens is conducting a student research project about SEO in cooperation with with the department of information science
at the university of applied sciences in darmstadt! For the third time already, this research project is currently going on, and with 6 semester periods per week, it´s not an easy walkthrough! Pretty great idea, since SEO is really not something you´ll usually find getting taught at a university, but still one of the most exciting arts in online-marketing!

So I´m more then honoured to announce, that I´ll be a part of this great project! On the 5th of may I´ll be speaking at that class – yaay! This is not only cool, because I always wanted to be speaking at a university, it´s also pretty need, since it´s Darmstadt, the town I was born and raised! So thanks a lot Jens, for this great opportunity!

Are you from Darmstadt or the Frankfurt Region? You´re more then welcome to come and join us for this special class! Just contact Jens! Since I´ll be staying over night we´ll definetly do a little „roundtable“ afterwards (Löwenherz´s been buggin me about that anyways… 🙂 …). See ya in Darmstadt!

I Twitter, Therefore I am

After hearing so much about people converting to twitter the last couple of weeks (like Shoemoney and even Greg, who btw pulled the funniest twitter-hoax -> I was also at the Venetian that night 🙂 …)

I now twitter as well -> Mediadonis @ Twitter

Mediadonis @ Twitter

I know I look kinda like a dork, but hey – I was just lazy and pulled the background from my mySpace profile 🙂

But I really get a hang of twitter already, it´s like a gigantic and international SEO Chat – don´t miss out!

Are you feeling optimized?

Google Optimizer

Regular listeners of our Webmasters on the Roof show probably know, that I´m a huge fan of Google´s WebSite Optimizer (which is now finally available as a stand alone version!).

A/B and multivariate testing of your PPC & SEO landingpages (Landingpages not Doorwaypages!) is definetly one of the most important tasks of a successful online marketer & SuperAffiliate these days! It´s really amazing, that people spend hundreds or even thousands of euros each day on their PPC-campaigns, without even testing their landingpages! It´s not just about getting more traffic onto your LPs, if you can achive a better conversion, you´ll be making more money at the end of the day! And Google´s Website Optimizer is really one of the best tools around! So get started today!

Uh, btw – the reason I blogged this, is because the Website Optimizer Team just started blogging over at the official Website Optimizer Blog!

You´re more into that kinda stuff? Then you should also be reading Avinash Kaushik´s Occam´s Razor Blog (Google´s Avinash is hands down the authority in that field!) and Tim Ash!

Make the most of now!

Last time, I was back from the cold, this time I´m back from the sun (what´s up with the crappy weather over here in germany at the moment…?)!

AIDA Vodafone SuperAffilate Event Pic 1

Vodafone and Quisma invited 16 (?) of their SuperAffiliates onto a 4-day cruise on the famous AIDA – what a blast!! Vodafone freaking rocks my socks – just 3 month ago they invited us to Lappland, and now a cruise on the AIDA – that´s what I call AWESOME affiliate management!!
(a few might wonder, why a guy like me, who´s just doing shady, and obviously „illegal“ blackhat stuff is still welcome at an event like this… oh well, seems like it´s always better to know all the facts, instead of just doing wild guesses… but that´s just my 2 cents… 🙂 …)

We boarded the AIDA at Palma de Mallorca and first drove to Alicante and then to Valencia, before coming back to Palma this morning to fly back home. And I tell you -> it´s was freaking hot! Lying in the sun, getting a nice tan for the first time this year was just so cool (coming back home to this rainy shit sure sucked a little…). And what happens when you put 16 young and party-hungry SuperAffiliates onto a cruise ship -> Party all day! There´s actually a few stories, I´m not allowed to blog here, but let me just tell you some „rumors“… 🙂

– According to the AIDA staff, on the first night, the tab in the AIDA nightclub was higher then any other guest ever (!) had! This actually complements the rumor, that there was no single bottle of Dom Pérignon left on the ship this morning 🙂

– There was somebody mixing up the doors of his cabin, and of his bathroom – which might not sound that spectacular, but if you mix in the door falling close, and this peticular somebody sleeping naked – you might get the picture, why this rumor is especially delicate 🙂

– One Affiliate was rumored to sleep in front of the reception desk on his blood-stained shirt

– Bathroom Pogo-Dancing to Nirvana´s Smells like teen spirit can get messy!

– Poker players, who haven´t even graduated from high-school, and who are also part of a gay-cruise can take all of someone´s money in less then 5 hands

It was really a great trip! I can´t recall having had so much fun in the last couple of month! Thank you so much Vodafone for this great event!! And thanks to everybody, who was there – you guys just rock! Every single one of you!

A special thanks goes out to Andreas Schubert of Vodafone, who´s really one of the best in this whole industry! Check out their great Affiliate Program, earn a (as I like to say) shitload of money with it, and be a part of the next event! Don´t miss out!

AIDA Vodafone SuperAffilate Event Pic 2
Andreas, me, and Nina of Quisma on the beautiful coast of Valencia

=> Check out all the pictures on my FlickR

Choosing your keywords

I got my first article in this month´ issue of CAP Magazine! It´s called „Choosing your keywords“ and focuses on how to find keywords for your site as well as PPC campaigns. Since CAP Magazine is mainly about Gambling issues, I focus a little bit on gambling related keywords, but of course the tips are applicable for every topic.

CAP Artikel - Choosing your keywords
Since the issue is not online yet, you can also download the fullscreen version here

Here´s the full article in clean HTML 🙂


Choosing the right keywords for your site is definitely one of the most essential parts in the startup process of a new project. Let´s first take a look at the basics.

Types of Keywords

There are three different kinds of searches: navigational, informational and transactional. In the casino affiliate world, navigational searches are probably by far the most lucrative keywords you can target. If someone types in “Pokerstars” into a search engine, and you can get this guy on your pokerstars landingpage with a nice bonus-offer, there´s a good chance you´re going to convert him. Sure, navigational searches are especially hard, since in this case, will be no.1 for this particulars search, but you may still achieve a nice CTR if you can advertise a good bonus offer in your page title.

There are no real transactional kinds of searches in the casino keyword-sphere, the only ones getting close to being “transactional” are keyword combinations like “Pokerstars bonus code”, which only someone would search for, who already made up his mind where he´s wanting to play, and is now ready to seal the deal, if he finds a bonus offer he likes. Apparently those kind of searches are really well converting too, since the user is ready to gamble.

But the most common keywords will be the informational type, with “poker”, “casino” and “bingo” being the prime examples. Keyword combinations like “poker rules”, “texas holdem strategies” etc. are all informational searches, which can easily generate a lot of traffic, but just won´t convert anywhere near as well as the navigational and transactional terms.

Informational keywords in general tend to be more difficult to optimize then navigational and transactional terms, and they are also less attractive in terms of the conversion, but they´re providing a lot more traffic, and therefore should definitely be in your keyword-mix.

You can cluster all keywords like this:

















How to find keywords

There are quite some tools out there, which can help you finding the right keywords.

1) Overture´s Keyword Selector Tool
2) Wordtracker
3) Keyword Discovery
4) The Google Adwords Keyword Tool

But don´t just rely on those tools, if you want to find great keywords. Google for example offers two pretty cool tools to mine for keywords as well:

1) Google Trends
2) Google Sets

And you should never forget about misspellings and keyword mutations. Microsoft adCenter offers a useful tool to find popular misspellings (

But all these keyword tools can do, is actually just give you a rough estimate, but not the real number of searches on Google. Even the Google Adwords Keyword Tool will just give you an average search volume, but not the actual number. I would normally advise you to run an AdWords campaign with your selected keywords in exact and phrase match for about a month, to not only get the actual number of searches, but also test the conversion of the keywords. Because if you put a lot of effort and money into optimizing your site for a particular keyword, you´d better be sure the keyword is working for you and converting!
But due to the legal restrictions to advertise gambling sites with Google AdWords, you can´t do this anymore.

In most cases, it´s not even about having the exact number of searches, the estimate is more than enough to find the keywords you want to optimize your site for.

Don´t always just go for the high volume keywords everybody´s targeting. Set up a strategy with short-, medium- and long-term goals before you start optimizing for specific keywords.

Most of the times long tail keywords will work a lot better, then the big one´s everybody´s after. If you optimize for the big keywords like “poker” and “casino” it will take you a lot of money and effort, and most importantly, a lot of time, too. You won´t push a new site into the top10 for a big keyword within a couple of weeks! This can take quite some time, especially in Google. So it makes sense to tackle long tail keywords first, since most of the time those keywords will be less competitive, and therefore it´s easier to achieve a top10 ranking.

And try to think a little bit out of the box. Everybody can scan keyword tools, to find popular search terms, but there are still gems out there not many people think of.

  • Know your industry. With poker for example, the names of professional poker players tend to be not that competitive. And names of popular TV-shows are pretty easy just as well, but can still deliver a lot of visitors to your site. Just keep your eyes and ears open, and try to be a little creative in your research process.
  • Googleguy once said: „Check out your logs to see what users are typing.“ I recommend the same. Study your log files, and track what people type into the searchbox on your site. If you don´t have one, I strongly recommend you should put one up, because you get great new keywords delivered right to your doorstep every day.
  • Know your enemy. The oldest trick there probably is, is adapting the best practises of your rivalling sites. Take a close look at your competitions website and find out possible keywords they aim.

And now that you got your keywords, as said before, try to come up with short-, medium- and long-term goals before you start optimizing. Try to find so quick-win keywords, which you can tackle easily, and get you some traffic to your site. Tackle your medium- and long-term goal keywords with the big links you´re aquiring, since those will help you to leverage your whole site.

Update: My buddy Sebastian posted an interesting link on his blog in this regard, how to use the new wiki tracker for your SEO efforts – you should definetly check it out!

The Webmasters vs. The Google Search Quality Team!

I just come home partying with all the people, who are in town for tomorrow´s SMX MunichFridayNite, Sistrix, Jojo, Ron, inHouse SEO, Jens, Joost and his awesome crew of OneToMarket (including the enchanting Nina!!) and also four people of the german google search quality team… fun times!

While all the Mediadonis-haters gather together at various blogs to bitch about me, get ready for a great new episode of Webmasters on the Roof tomorrow -> Mr. RedButtonPusher (yes, that´s the guy, that pushes the red button if he sees spam in the index, but also an avid foosball player!) & Mr. BanYouQuickly challenged me and FridayNite for a game of Foosball tomorrow during our Webmasters on the Roof show!

The Webmasters on the Roof vs. Google Search Quality Team

Live, tomorrow at 7 p.m. at an all new episode of Webmasters on the Roof!

If you´re not listening live, just come by and get one of our awesome cookies (since we´re so cheap, and need every extra buck we can get… 🙂

Surprise, I´m a huge BlackHat!

On of Tobsn´s friends called me out on doing the illegal practice of cookie-stuffing on our Webmasters on the Roof blog… uh, big hit!

The real reason behind it, was actually that I wanted to give my good buddy Shoemoney a clean link on his AuctionAds Project (when he was on our show last year) , but still get the referrals for the SignUps via our show (which I think is legitimate, since we promoted it). I just forgot all about it, and didn´t delete the iFrame – big deal!

It´s so funny calling me out on that – especially since it´s only been AuctionAds. If I´d really wanted to do that, why not spread something people over here in germany really use like eBay?? Would have been smarter, but apparently I´m not only a filthy blackhat, I´m also stupid 🙂

Here´s what I made with this „illegal blackhat technique“ ->

AuctionAds Statistics

Looks like overall, I´m a pretty shitty BlackHat making only 5 dollars with it… 🙂

Well, my point here is, that it gets more and more frustrating the last couple of month… my co-host FridayNite and myself to Webmasters on the Roof just for fun, earning nothing, with the pure intend to give something back to the SEO-community we love so much! We´re really trying hard to make a good show every week, finding interesting guests and just make something worthwhile for our listeners. But with the growing success of our show, the list of enviers gets longer and longer, with people trying to find our stuff (and in FridayNites case even hack his stuff!). Sure the fictious character of the Mediadonis was intended to be polarizing and controversial, but that some people get so over-agitated by this is just ridiculous! I´m still a strong believer of „live and let live“, and I would never even think of using a spam-report on someone else, no matter how much this guy would annoy me – we´re all part of the same ecosystem, and should just get along!

It´s really sad, we should think about shutting down Webmasters on the Roof overall, since it´s just not worth it jeopardizing our business, especially since we don´t earn shit with Webmasters on the Roof! But I just don´t wanna back down, and let some enviers win, over all the other webmasters who actually like our show (and with over 12.000 listeners every week, there should be at least some, who really like it 🙂 …).

So it´s really your call!

Da ich gleich los muss, habe ich mal die Kommentare deaktiviert, da hier dauernd irgendwelche Schmierfinken irgendnen Scheiß rein-commenten.