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Speaking at 2008 Poker Affiliate Conference LogoI´ll be speaking at the first annual 2008 Poker Affiliate Conference in beautiful Cyprus May 19th till 21st – nice!! Really a great idea for a spin-off – a conference focused completely on the poker affiliate side of the business! The Poker Affiliate Conference is from the great guys that bring you all the other awesome Gaming & Gambling Conferences like CAP (remember CAP London…?) and CAC Amsterdam next week (can´t wait!!), so it´s guaranteed to be a kick-ass conference and also prime networking event!

CAP Spring Break LogoBut the single best thing about the Poker Affiliate Conference is, that it´s preceding CAP Spring Break, which will be held at the same venue! CAP Spring Break is a fun, casual networking event, which in the last 6 years, has been only in paradise locations such as Miami Beach or the Bahamas – and this year it´s Cyprus Baby 🙂

All conferences should have another week of fun & networking in the sun! Come on, really – it´s a great idea to set up an event like this right after a stressfull conference (alright alright – it´s really not that stressfull, but it´s still business… 🙂 …). Can´t wait to get a few days of quasi holiday, since I´m really working my ass off at the moment! I´m really glad, I could make it happen, although my appointment calendar is totally packed at the moment. Thanks guys for inviting me! You rock! 🙂

Welcome to the darkside!

My good friend and God of Google AdWords Lenny just announced his departure from Google! Where he´s going? Nobody knows…
I wish him nothing but the best for his adventureous journey he´s now going on 🙂

Lenny & Marcus

Great Google documentary – check it out!

Lennart, the God of AdWords, Paulsen sent me the link to an interesting Google documentary on german TV station 3sat (He actually got it from Joachim, so 50% of my big thank you go to him 🙂 …). Really cool documentary (although it´s in german…), pretty euphoric (like all google documentaries), but also with a really good scrutinizing touch! But the coolest thing about it -> I´m in there, too 🙂

3Sat Neues

The 3sat crew was actually at SES San Jose, and interviewed me right after our show live from the conference floor. They were pretty amazed, there was a german radio show going on at SES (what a great coincidence, there were just filming while we did the show).

So check it out – it´s really worth watching!

Random fact

I just read something pretty interesting in the latest issue of Revenue Magazine, so I thought I´d share it with you guys (for everybody that´s not reading Revenue Magazine on a regular basis – shame on you 🙂 …)

Around 1 percent off all Google searches go through the „I´m Feeling Lucky“ button, which takes users directly to the top search result. This means that Google doesn´t get to show search ads on 1 percent of all its searches, which costs the company around $110 million in annual revenue.


Happy Easter everybody!

Happy Easter

I know it´s almost over by now, but me and my easterbunny´d friends just wanted to wish everybody happy easter 🙂

A friend of mine actutally celebrated his clubs 17th anniversary (!!), and four of my gogo-friends were dancing there. Since I was jetlaged anyways (I arrived 8 o´clock in the morning) I decided to join them, and look a little out for them. Anyways -> great party 🙂

Bye bye conference, hello shopping!

SES New York has come to an end, which gives me now a whole day to get some shopping done! With the dollar being so incredibly worthless low, it´s like a giant sale in every shop 🙂
I even think about bringing home a MacBook Air, since it´s only about half the price – I don´t really need a new laptop at the moment, but it´s so incredibly cheap, I just can´t resist 🙂

This was actually my 4th year at SES New York, and I´ll definetly be back next year – what a great conference! Big hat tip to Kevin and Matt!

Here are some last pics from the Webmasterradio SearchBash at Spotlight:

SES New York 2008 - Pic 9
Social Media & Digg Master Brent and me

SES New York 2008 - Pic 10
Actually my only shot of New York. Since I´m here so often, I don´t really take any NY pictures any more…

SES New York 2008 - Pic 11
The famous Naked Cowboy live on stage at SearchBash

SES New York 2008 - Pic 12
My big idol and me 🙂

SEO Rap Battle

Finally I got the video of the SEO Rap Battle at BlackFinn up. m0serious takes on my rhyme juggling self (I actually rap a song from an old album of the great german rappers Kinderzimmer Productions). I know the video is kinda dark, and the sounds not really good, but what da hell – I´m a rapper not a cameraman 🙂

So when Google should ever torch all of my stuff, I´ll definetly pursue a career in gangsta rap 🙂

Oh, and also check out his great SEMPO Rap at the Vintage Tub & Bath / Pepperjam / Range Dinner at Manhattan Penthouse:

Party till you drop

Pepperjam, and Vintage Tub & Bath hosted the great Who´s Who in online marketing dinner over at the awesome Manhattan Penthouse again – nice! I really had a cool time, and the food was great! Thanks Kris & Dick for the invitation! Like every Vintage Tub Party, there was the big battle of the searchengines with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft fighting for the title of the most acurate searchengine. This time, they had to compete in basketball – so guess who won 🙂

But definetly one of the coolest things was, that I met Chuck the SEO Rapper m0serious (you probably remember his awesome paid search 101 rap) – what a great dude! I actually did a little SEO rap battle with him later on at the BOTW Charity Party at BlackFinn. I´m uploading the video at the moment, so stay tuned…

SES New York 2008 Pic 5

SES New York 2008 Pic 7
Kris Jones, Lee Oden, Neil, me and Mrs. Pepper

SES New York 2008 Pic 8
Neil and I heads up Dance Dance Revolution Battle

SES New York 2008 Pic 6

Over at the BotW Party – Rob´s not looking good 🙂

SES New York 2008 Pic 4

The party was so excessive, that Godfather of Search Danny Sullivan put on a BotW Tanktop, and danced on the table (just take a look at the picture if you don´t believe me… 🙂 …)

SES New York 2008 Pic 3

Lee got some more pictures – check em out

Greetings from New York

Greetings from New York everybody!
SES has only seen 2 sessions so far, but I already feel like going up to my room and lie down a little… 🙂
I actually wanted to take it slow yesterday night, since I know the days of the conference will be more then hard, with the St.Patricks Day Pub-Crawl today, the BOTW party tomorrow, and Webmasterradio SearchBash on wednesday…

I had courtside tickets for the NY Knicks game yesterday at Madison Square Garden (Courtside Baby!! 🙂 …) – yeah, I know the Knicks kinda suck at the moment, and the Atlanta Hawks didn´t play that much better (they still won) – but I just always have to see an NBA game when I´m in New York! I love this game (great to do some shameless promotion for the german basketball blog in my blog-network 🙂 …)

I went back to the Hilton right after the game, ready to get a good night sleep – but I ran into Brent, Neil and the BotW guys in the lobby… needless to say I didn´t go up to my room – well, I eventually did, but it was around 4 o´clock in the morning… 🙂

I also had some drinks with the Pepperjam Crew, who infiltrated the SES with an armada of 8 people!!

SES New York 2008 Pic 1
Audrey, Lauren, me and King Pepper Jones

So I officially feel like shit today, but I still got up at 8 o´clock this morning to catch both morning sessions. I was especially interested in the „Search Around the World – Part 1: Asia/Pacific & Latin America“ Session, which turned out to be really great (I´m so proud of myself, for not sleeping in, and come to the conference so early!). Right after that I went to the „Analytics: Data Into Action“ session, which was just packed – take a look:

SES New York 2008 Pic 2

So SES NY is up for a great start, and I hope I can pull myself together for another couple of hours, to watch Joost kick ass in the „Search Around the World – Part 2: The UK & Europe“ session. And then I´m looking forward to have a nice nap before the crazy green-beer (no self-respecting bavarian would ever get the idea to colour up beer!) drinking pub-crawl starts… god lord… 🙂

SEOs for Charity

SEOs for CharityThis post will be a little different, then what you´re normally reading here. No pictures of fancy cars, beautiful women or excessive partying this time… it´s about something, which couldn´t be further away from that!

I´m 30 years old, I´m exceptionally successful in what I do, and for the past years now, I managed to earn more money, then I would have ever imagined, even in my wildest dreams. I´m thankful for having the opportunity, to not only do what I love every day, but to also earn a shitload of money with it.

I don´t deny, that I just love my Porsche, love travelling around the world, and love partying till the morning, drinking champaign, and just reward myself for working so hard every day. But besides that, I always considered myself a humble guy, who is grateful for every day, he´s allowed to live out his dream. And I think everybody that knows me, can confirm, that I never became airborned (as I said, besides the Porsche 🙂 …)

But I still think, that this is jost not normal for a 30 year old guy, and so I wanna dedicate more time, to what´s just more important in life. I´ve always been donating money (no, not just for getting a link on a donation site! 🙂 …) and stuff, but I think, that that´s just not enough!

So I decided to work voluntarily for one week for the Münchner Tafel, a well respected charity organisation in munich dedicated to collecting food from restaurants and supermarkets and making a „free supermarket“ every day for the homeless and needily people in munich. Sure, I could just make a rather generous contribution to this organisation and „wash my hands clean“ and buy myself absolution, but I think it will be way more rewarding to be out on the streets with those guys and really help (I´ll still do this generous contribution to them, for giving me the opportunity to help for one week!)

I think, that this will help me, although never really having been airborned, get back to earth…

And I wouldn´t be the Mediadonis, if I hadn´t had a great idea, you´ll hear more about, when I´ve worked there for a week. Since this industry got a lot of young guns like me earning shitloads of money, I think it´s time to raise some awareness for giving back something to the community. This will be called the SEOs for Charity Project – stay tuned!