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Happy Birthday eLab

Holtzbrinck eLab celebrated his two year anniversary yesterday at Anna Bar – great times! Although there´ve been way to much suits in the room (even Thomas has been seen costumed like that yesterday!), there was quite a good share of SEO-celebrities and Incognito-Googlers…
And of course there was free beer… 🙂
We really had a great time – thanks eLab!

I actually got only one picture, since I had my camera with me, but totally forgot all along…

2 Jahre eLab
(Arndt – BusinessLive – Salzburg, me, Marcus – Linkvendor – Tober, and Jan Ippen (sorry Jan, don´t know where to link to with your gazillion of internet projects 🙂 )

Why I hate Affiliate Marketing (but don´t love AdSense either…)

I love affiliate marketing, I really do! And right now, there´s loads of talk going on, about people earning less every year with Google´s AdSense program. I actually don´t do all that much AdSense anymore, although that was basically all I did when I first started doing SEO-stuff. The last couple of years (I´d say about 18 month now or so) I started to completly focus on affiliate marketing. Why did I do that? There´re a couple of reasons, mainly, that I was kinda fed up with the fact, not getting any decent stats out of AdSense (which click is worth how much etc.). Furthermore the US-Dollar lost more and more value compared to the strong Euro, which causes an enormous loss at the end of the month just due to the currency exchange (I know, I could have easily opened up an US-Dollar account, but when you rely solely on that income, you will have to exchange it eventually). It really kinda sucks, when you get only about 2/3s of the money in Euros…
Combined with the fact that my AdSense income shrunk too (which I don´t really understand, since prices for AdWords have been going up at the same time) although I´ve been delivering the same amount & quality (I just had to laugh all of the sudden – don´t know why… 🙂 ) of traffic, I decided to focus more on affiliate-marketing!

Zanox AccountBut affiliate-marketing has it´s downsides just as well, with publishers taking their time to accept leads & sales, and doing opaque reversals, leaving you with a huge amount of expenses (for Online-Media buys, paying people and buying links … uh, did someone just say jehova? 🙂 …). On the left you can see why I´m so upset, and what me actually got inspired for this post… 🙂 … (I actually just got a huge chunck out of there – since I don´t want everybody to know what I do over Zanox – so the picture is a little biased, but I hope you still get my point – and it looks much cooler with the big zero for all my efforts…). That´s quite some stuff, you´d rather see in your bank account in Lichtenstein LOL 🙂

You also have a lot more work, especially compared to using AdSense, which is just putting up the same code on all your websites… With affiliate-marketing, you always have to do multivariate testing, to come up with the best solution for each particular site you own. Don´t even get me started, about having to rely on the merchant´s site to convert! Because you can be at your best, but if the merchants site doesn´t convert, you´re still screwed!

With AdSense it´s just games & fun – a lot less work, and WYSIWYG on your paycheck at the end of the month – that´s huge! Still, I don´t think I will ever turn back to AdSense overall, with all the downsides affiliate marketing has, you will still get a lot more money at the end of the day (If you´re willing to put a lot of time and effort into your stuff). If you have great targeted traffic, you will always get more for a conversion via an affiliate program, then for a simple click via AdSense! Just imagine getting 20 cents for a „loans“ click, when you could get an actual conversion for a couple big ones out of there!

So, what do you think? Since we got Zanox on the roof next tuesday for an all new episode of Webmasters on the Roof (I still love you CJ !!), I think it´s a nice kick-off for a little debate about the eternal AdSense vs. Affiliate-Marketing struggle! So, why do you use / or not use AdSense, or maybe you use both (which for what?). Why do you love AdSense? Why do you hate AdSense? What do you like about affiliate-marketing… you get the point… I´d love to get some comments on this, so me and FridayNite got some stuff for the show (you can also comment in german!).

Bin isch im Fernseeen?

Oli, die alte Perlenpaula 🙂 hat coolerweise meinen Auftritt beim DSF mitgeschnitten (mein DVD-Recorder ist kaputt…), und außerdem noch einen kleinen Ausschnitt mit mir (in einer Hand gegen den Hannover96 Typ) upgeloaded. Danke Oli!

Brrr… cold

Skuub just blogged some more pictures of our Affiliate Ski-Event (actually it´s over at his FlickR acccount), including my new favourite picture of me and Zanox Mastermind Bosko ->

(Yes, it was horribly cold!)

Skuub also did an incredibly cool video – check it out!

The Goddess of Affiliate-Marketing Inga also blogged some pictures – here´s her album on picasa (nice, don´t know anyone using picasa…)

Nice picture of Mr. Kangoroo Stefan 🙂


Schon was vor um 20:15 Uhr heut Abend?

Habs grad drüben gebloggt… heute Abend um 20.15 Uhr wird im DSF Beat the Stars gesendet, in der ich ja die Ehre hatte zum ersten Mal neben Daniel Negreanu am Pokertisch zu sitzen. Leider wenig erfolgreich (und noch viel weniger glorreich…), aber wenigstens die ganze Zeit mit Webmasters on the Roof Shirt 🙂

Snow, Sun and the biggest Dieter Bohlen Fan

I just got back from the great affiliate ski-event „Mit Affiliate geht es denn Berg runter“ at Wildkogel / Austria. Like always, well organized (thanks a lot Markus & Jens) and with about 40 online-marketing crazy people from all over germany just loads of fun! I´m not even gonna start mentioning people, so everybody just feel mentioned & linked too 🙂

Here are some pictures:

Affiliate Skievent Pic 1
Affiliate Skievent Pic 2
Affiliate Skievent Pic 3
Affiliate Skievent Pic 4

And yes, the rumors are true – we probably found the one and only self-proclaimed biggest fan of eurotrash Dieter Bohlen! You don´t believe me? Just take a look at our innkeepers tattoo:

Affiliate Skievent Pic 5
(That´s no joke – it´s a real tattoo!! Dieter Bohlen actually signed his head, and he tattooed it!)

Oh, and I also got a video of the great view at our ski lodge:

More pictures over at FridayNite

Stay on top of your wordpress optimization efforts!

My good buddy Joost, the WordPress PlugIn Guru, just started a WordPress plugins and SEO mailing list! Pretty unusual, as I would publish everything on my blog, rather then just sending it out via eMail – but, it´s gonna be pretty good I guess, since Joost is definitely one of the best wordpress optimization experts out there, and a crazy plugIn coder as well! He promises:

* Info on new cool plugins I’ve come across or have coded myself
* SEO tips for WordPress
* Speed optimization tips for WordPress
* Tips and tricks for increasing the conversation on and the community around your blog

So get over there and sign up! 🙂


Pretty funny – I just visited my blog, and took a look at my myBlogLog Widget, when I noticed that I was just the 99.999 visitor counted by BlogCounter!


What´s so cool about it – it´s almost exactly two years ago that I started this blog (my first blogpost was actually on the 15th)! I know 100.000 visitors in two years is not all that much, but a lot of people read my blog via RSS. I thought it was just funny, that this number just occured almost exactly two years after I started my blog 🙂

Work hard, party hard!

Boston SEO Legend Bob just left munich this morning to go to italy, so we had a little farewell party yesterday at the famous 089bar – great times!!
Philip & Wiesn Playmate Anna (I actually just found this video of her on MyVideo), the crazy Lawyer, Mani of Quisma and much more went along to party with him for a last night in munich, and he was definetly the last one standing 🙂

Really cool you stopped by in munich Bob! Have fun in italy!
Oh, here´re some pics…

Bob 089 Pic 1
Bob 089 Pic 2
Bob 089 Pic 3
Bob 089 Pic 4
Bob 089 Pic 5
Bob 089 Pic 6
Bob 089 Pic 7

Pressemitteilungen die die Welt nicht braucht…

BigMouthMedia LogoGerade vom Mario bekommen – Bigmouthmedia entdeckt Fehler in der Web-Strategie des Weißen Hauses … WTF ???

Die Jungs & Mädels von Bigmouthmedia haben laut eigener Aussage „eine potenzielle Schwachstelle in der Internetstrategie des amerikanischen Präsidenten entdeckt.„! Es dreht sich um die gemeine robots.txt von (die hier), die mittlerweile über 100kb groß ist (bei mir sinds komischerweise erst 84kb…?!), und damit laut BMM -> „Die Suchmaschinen werden damit nicht fertig und Google ist bekannt dafür, Abläufe mittendrin zu unterbrechen. Wenn das passiert, könnte eine ganze Sektion der Website aus den Suchmaschinen verschwinden

Oh mein Gott – Google könnte im schlimmsten Falle also gleich ganz aus dem Index verbannen?? Und das nur, weil die robots.txt so fett ist wie der Durchschnittsamerikaner? Whoa!

Meiner Meinung nach (bzw. auch die vorherrschende Meinung in Google Groups) ignoriert Google einfach alles über 100kb (wobei ich auch glaube, dass dies von Seite zu Seite verschieden ist – gerade bei einer Authority ist Google mitunter weit gründlicher als bei Durchschittsseiten), was also einfach bedeuted, dass alles was irgendwo angelinkt wird, halt auch indiziert wird… so what…

Das ist aber nicht das lustige an der Pressemitteilung, sondern vielmehr die folgende Aussage:

Wenn dieser kritische Fehler nicht umgehend behoben wird, könnte das den Erfolg der Kampagne von George W. Bush, die Gunst der Wähler im Internet zu gewinnen, erheblich beinträchtigen.

BITTE WAS?? George W.Bush kann nach seiner mittlerweile zweiten Amtszeit garnicht mehr gewählt werden, und wird definitiv seinen Stuhl im weißen Haus räumen müssen – es gibt gar keine Kampagne vom Crazyman aus Texas…

Einfach geil… fragt sich nur was für eine Online-Marketing Agentur schlimmer ist – SEO-Grundlagenwissen von 2004 oder Allgemeinwissen auf Siebtklässler Niveau… ?! 🙂

Aber Hauptsache mal wieder ne Pressemitteilung verschickt…

Nachtrag: Sogar Google hat nur ne 82k Version indiziert…

UPDATE: Gerade mal 41 Minuten später ist die Pressemitteilung „nicht mehr verfügbar“… 🙂 – hier kann man sie aber noch nachlesen

UP-UPDATE: Mittlerweile ist die PM wieder online. Wurde auch schon von Heiko von BigMouth in den Kommentaren erwähnt. Leider ein wenig arg unsmart, was recht schade ist, da ich Heiko eigentlich ganz nett finde… Ich musste auch schon ein paar persönlich beleidigende Kommentare (gegen Heiko) löschen. Heiko ist sicher nicht der Schuldige (die Aussage kam ja von BMM CEO), also schießt euch nicht so auf Ihn ein!