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56th place and really happy!

I just blogged it over on my poker blog – I´ve just been eliminated in 56th place! But although just 16 people away from being in the money (I think it is 9.500 Euros for 40th place), I´m really happy! Unbelievable, that I came so far in such a strong field, and especially in my condition (I have a really severe flu with fiever – no shit!), but also to have made probably THE most astonishing news, as the PokerStarsBlog titles -> Marcus Tandler eliminates Daniel Negreanu 🙂

I blogged the whole story over on my blog, and to make a long story short – Daniel tried to semi-bluff me on the turn with a flush-draw, and I moved him all-in with middle-pair. Pretty uncanny read, but I just knew he was just on a draw, and that I had the goods!

I really had an amazing time, and I´m really proud for getting this deep in the tournament – sure it would have been nice to win, and take home about a million euros, but what da hell, there´s always a next time, and I´m just getting started 🙂

A big thanks to everybody, who´s been crossing fingers for me!

Beat the Stars? The Star(s) beat me!

Yesterday I was the successor to a missing online-qualifier at DSF´s (German Sports Television – like a german ESPN) successful Poker TV-format Beat the Stars with Poker Superstar Daniel Negreanu! Unfortunatly I didn´t win the tournament (although I won a laptop computer for my 4th place finish), but it´s been loads of fun! (I actually blogged about it a little more in detail on my poker blog -> „Beat the Stars with Daniel Negreanu“ – check it out!)

Beat the Stars with Daniel Negreanu

Btw. I´ll be flying to Dortmund tomorrow to compete at Day 1B of the European Poker Tour – so if you got two fingers to spare – cross them for me 🙂

Oh, I almost forget -> the TV-Show (a 90 minute format!) will air on the 16th of february on DSF – I think I´ll definetly put some stuff online!

CAP Euro sets the mark high for Gambling Affiliate Events this year!

CAP London has really been a blast!
My „Panel of SEO Experts“ with Jeremy and Gary has been a lot of fun, and unlike other SEO panels, the quality of questions was really phenomal. There were quite some headscratchers and interesting discussion going on – thanks again to my phenomenal panel colleagues for the great session!

The Partys were also top-notch – the Everest Poker VIP Affiliate Dinner (great food!!), the HollywoodPoker Party at Cafe de Paris, the CAP Awards at FC Chelsea Stadium with all those naked golden chicks running around, and the phenomenal party on saturday with the guys from CasinoAffiliatePrograms – great times!!

Neil, Arjun, Paul, and all the other folks (that probably don´t want their names on any blog :-)) – really great hanging out with you guys again! Can´t wait for CAC Amsterdam!!

CAP London - Pic 1
CAP London - Pic 2
CAP London - Pic 3

Back from the cold

Lappland WappenI´m back from Lapland / Sweden (don´t know where it is? -> check out Wikipedia) – what a great trip!!

If you don´t already know, Vodafone and Quisma invited 15 SuperAffiliates to a Wintertour in Lapland, to do some dogsledding and ski-doo driving – what a blast!

What I especially liked about the event, is the fact, that I´d probably never ever would have made a trip to lapland, if it was up to me to decide (I would always choose sun over freezing temperatures…) – but it really turned out to be a great trip, and an experience to remember! Especially driving a Ski-Doos with 50 mph over a frozen lake – Jesus, that was fun!

Thank you so much Vodafone and Quisma for inviting me to this great event, everything was perfectly organized, and the invited affiliates (of which I knew only about half of them) where a great bunch!

Here are some pictures…

Lappland Tour Pic 1
Lappland Tour Pic 2
Lappland Tour Pic 3
Lappland Tour Pic 4

I uploaded some more pictures on my FlickR account -> see all of them (or watch them in a nice slideshow)

Vodafone does a couple of these events, so check out their great affiliate program, and maybe you´ll be along next time, too!

Speaking at CAC Amsterdam

CAC 2008Jesus, it seems like all I´m blogging this month is speaking announcements… but here´s one more… and a real special one indeed! I´ll be speaking at Casino Affiliate Convention Amsterdam in April. And the coolest thing about it -> I´m on the exact same panel as last year – „White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO: Trends, Techniques, Strategies and Suggestions“ with my good friends Bob and JasonD (you may remember the big BlackHat vs. WhiteHat Fight in the Lobby of the Grand Krasnapolsky :-))

I´m really looking forward to this event again, cause last year really has been a blast! Although it kinda sucked, Abakus PubCon took place right in between, so I was only able to stay for 2 days… I hope to see some of you there!!

Pepperjam startet Pepperjam Network

Since it already got covered by so many english speaking bloggers, I think I better blog it in german for all those german SuperAffiliates to be!

Meine guten Freunde von der größten Online-Marketing Company Amerikas –Pepperjam – haben gestern ihr eigenes Affiliate Netzwerk gelaunched -> Pepperjam Network! Ich war seit der Alpha-Phase mit an Bord, und konnte im vergangenen Jahr die ganze Entwicklung verfolgen – ist wirklich unglaublich cool geworden! Ist halt einfach auch ne coole Aktion, wenn ein SuperAffiliate hergeht, und sein eigenes Netzwerk ganz nach seinen Wünschen baut 🙂

Pepperjam ist ja nicht nur eine Affiliate-Marketing Agentur für so illustre Marken wie DKNY, RocaWear, Oscar de la Renta, New Line Cinema, Sesamstraße (!!), MGM und viele mehr… sondern halt auch SuperAffiliate… und nicht gerade ein kleiner (mmmhhh… ein „kleiner“ SuperAffiliate wär ja auch nicht wirklich ein SuperAffiliate, oder?… :-)) Und im täglichen Umgang mit den Affiliate-Netzwerken gibt es ja einige Punkte, die einem sauer aufstossen, bzw. man hat Ideen, mit denen man noch viel mehr verdienen könnte, aber das Netzwerk setzt sie einfach nicht um etc. …

Viele wissen ja, dass ich auch ein großer Fan vom US-amerikanischen CPA-Netzwerk Azoogle bin – gerade Azoogle war für mich bisher immer der Archetyp eines Affiliate-Netzwerks für Power-Affiliates! Aber nun schickt sich Pepperjam an, den Affiliatemarkt in den Staaten komplett aufzurollen.

Und so sieht das Pepperjam Network aus:
Pepperjam Network Screen 1

A bisserl schwarz, aber aufgeräumt & übersichtlich, sowie mit netten AJAX Gags 🙂

Eines der geilsten Features sind die PepperjamADS ->

Pepperjam Network Screen 2

Man kann sich hier aus allen Programmen eigene AdSense-like Anzeigenblöcke basteln (natürlich auch über mehrere verschiedene Programme hinweg), und diese genau auf die jeweiligen Targetseiten abstimmen. Der User hat ja mittlerweile gelernt, was AdSense Anzeigenblöcke sind, und im Durchschnitt werden diese weit mehr angeklickt als die guten alten Blinki-Blinki Banner. Gerade mit PepperjamADS habe ich schon hervorragende Ergebnisse erzielt, weil ich eine mit AdSense vergleichbare CTR habe, aber mich nicht über die niedrigen Payouts von AdSense ärgern muss, sondern gut-performende Affiliate-Programme dahintersetzen kann.

Ebenfalls stark finde ich das sehr ausgereifte SID Tracking, welches mir ermöglicht jedem erdenklichen Link (auch gegenenfalls dynamisch) eine SID mitzugeben, und so jeden einzelnen Link auf seine Performance tracken kann! Gerade auch bei multivariatem Testing eine wichtige Hilfe!

Oh, und das Chat-Feature finde ich noch ganz cool – so kann man sofort im Account mit dem jeweilig gewünschten Affiliate-Manager via Chat in Kontakt treten – ist nicht mehr als ne nette Spielerei, aber ich chatte halt so gern mit den Pepperjam Mädels 🙂

Klar, an deutschen Programmen werdet Ihr im Pepperjam Network nicht wirklich etwas finden (derzeit gibt es übrigens schon über 100 Programme!), aber gerade diejenigen, die auch im US-Markt aktiv sind, sollten wirklich mal eine Testfahrt mit dem Pepperjam Network machen! Ich verdiene mittlerweile selber ganz gut Asche mit dem Netzwerk, und das ein oder andere Feature will ich wirklich nicht mehr in meiner täglichen Arbeit missen! Probiert es einfach mal aus, mehr als, dass ihr damit Geld verdient kann ja nicht passieren 🙂

Move your Lederhos´n

Seems like McDonalds creative agency Heye&Partner got a little bit too inspired by OfficeMax´ incredible successful viralmarketing campaign Elf Yourself – so they created the McDonalds Hüttengaudi!

Wanna see me dance in Lederhosens? (Yeah, I know – al lot of you guys already had that pleasure at PubCon Las Vegas… :-))

See my dance in Lederhosens!

Webmasters on the Roof on Tour -> Live in Hamburg

The news already leaked – Webmasters on the Roof will be broadcasting live from Hamburg tomorrow!

Our host Thomas & his Team of Gimahot already called out for a party, so if you are in hamburg tomorrow make sure to stop by at the Gimahot Office – Jarrestr. 4 (Medienpark Kampnagel)! See ya guys tomorrow!

Please donate some money to Black Friday, so he´ll fly out to Hamburg, too! Drinking beer without my buddy and congenial partner-in-crime is just not the same…

New „AdSense Slider“ ?

Has anyone of you guys seen this before:

AdSense Slider

I just noticed this on my JOBlog – 2 little arrows right beneath the AdSense ads. If you click on the right arrow, the ads slide to the left and reveal two new & different ads. Kinda like – if you didn´t like these ads, try two others…

It´s really not that spectacular, and won´t make you a lot more money, but it´s just always nice finding something new 🙂

Damn – really doesn´t seem to be that new ->
December 12 over at SERoundTable, and over at JoJo
sorry for wasting your time… 🙂

Bill Gates´last days

A lot of you guys probably already saw it, but I just gotta blog it – it´s just really a hillarious video:

Have a great weekend!!