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Google Oktoberfest 2007

Last thursday I was invited by Google to the big Google Oktoberfest at Schützenfesthalle (actually one of my favourite tents). Just coming from OMD (a big online marketing trade show over here in germany), i was off to a slow start, but after two beers the party began… 🙂
There´s really no other company, that can party so hard, that even the Mediadonis had to waive the white flag at about 2 a.m. …
Screw „don´t be evil“ -> „work hard, party hard!“ – that´s Googles´ real motto!
Thanks Google for the invitation, I really had a blast! And Julia -> if I ever hear *klingelingeling klingelingeling* again, I will have to move in shame to australia… 🙂

-> See all the pictures over at Flickr

But these are my favourite ones…

Google Wiesn 2007 Pic 1
The Mediadonis showing off some Google pride, with the new Google Munich Shirt

Google Wiesn 2007 Pic 2
Niels – Google Overlord – Dörje, Scout24 Founder & Mastermind Christian Mangstl, Mediadonis, Mr. X (sorry, I forgot your name…) and former AutoScout24 CEO Markus Hinz after four or five beers

Google Wiesn 2007 Pic 3
Patrick – let me entertain you – Warnking and the Mediadonis three beers later…

Google Wiesn 2007 Pic 4
Google Wiesn 2007 Pic 5

And there´s also some video proof:

Speaking at web2.0 Expo Berlin

I will be speaking at the O´Reilly web2.0 Expo in Berlin on the 5th of november – that will be a blast! The web2.0 Expo is, like SES and SMX, a roadshow kinda conference, which was held in San Francisco in April, und continue in Tokyo right after the berlin show.

I´ll be speaking on the first day of the conference in the „Marketing & Community“ Track on „Trends in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing“ – it´s a 3 hour (!) session, so prepare for some serious input 🙂

I´m really honoured to speak at that fabulous conference (thanks Philipp), alongside Michael Arrington (TechCrunch), Tariq Krim (NetVibes), Bill Tancer (Hitwise), Neil Holloway (Microsoft) and Tim O’Reilly! What a lineup!! And especially for Berlin! Normally you´d have to travel to a conference in the states, to catch those people live in action – but O`Reilly gets them over to germany! So sign up 🙂

4 more days…

Only 4 more days till Oktoberfest… Yuhuuu 🙂
I´m pretty good in training right now, and I think I´ll be ready when saturday comes and everybody shouts: „O´Zapft is!

Wiesn Warmup 1
Wiesn Warmup 2

4 MORE DAYS!!! 🙂

Hey Toni, get me some booze!

Yesterday I was inivited to the spectacular opening of cena, the new dining hot-spot to be in munich. There was actually more press then actual guests, which made the party kinda suck, but as long as there´s free booze who´s complaining 🙂

Getting the booze was actually a problem, since it was so crowded, and every now and then, when some celebrity entered the restaurant, there was a huge crowd of guys with TV guys and photographers.
So I wanted to get a bottle of champaign from the bar, since the cute waitress didn´t seem to get to us anymore, due to the massive crowd, but at the bar it was even worse. I stood there for about 10 minutes, and the barkeeper didn´t even notice me…
Roberto Blanco (I didn´t know he was still alive… :-)) was pretty angry just as well, up until german goalkeeper legend Toni Schumacher and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge came up to me, and offered me to get me the drinks. And Toni got the drinks in under 10 seconds… nice job! That´s probably the good thing about being a famous soccer player – you always get the booze quicker then anyone else 🙂

I would never have thought that my childhood hero (when I was about 6 years old probably – I was a goalkeeper back then too!) would ever get me a bottle of champaign in a crowded bar – thanks Toni! You´re still the best!

Toni Schumacher

The new Playboy Wiesn Playmate is crowned!

AnnaAs some of you already know, Anna, the girlfriend of one of my best friends, is the new Playboy Wiesn-Playmate („Wiesn“ is a bavarian expression for the Oktoberfest)! She was featured in todays BILD newspaper (BILD is the No.1 tabloid in germany) on page 8, and will be on tomorrows frontpage – so watch out!

You can also take a look at her little photo-diary over at – but beware, she´s kinda nude in most of the pictures (hey, what did you expect of playboy? :-))

Only 9 more days till the start of Oktoberfest – I can´t wait! And this year it will be even better, partying with the official Wiesn-Playmate and her Playmate Friends at the opening of the Oktoberfest (O´Zapft is!!!). So if you´re in town at the 22nd of september give me a call 🙂

Btw. if you want to see some non-nude pictures of Anna – check out my new photoalbum on FlickR I just uploaded, of our trip to the Horserace in Iffezheim 2 weeks ago (we finished 3rd to last… so, don´t ask, why I didn´t really blog about it…) – great times 🙂

Uncle Mediadonis

AnnikaIt´s official – I´m now uncle Mediadonis 🙂
Let me introduce you to little Annika!
It actually already happened last weekend, but I haven´t had a picture yet (my sister lives at the bodensee, so I didn´t have a chance to visit her since).















Mediadonis on ESPN

Did anyone of my american friends watch the coverage of the World Series of Poker Main Event on ESPN 3 days ago? You´re asking why?… Because you can see me for about 5 seconds pushing all my chips into the middle with top pair / top kicker on the flop, and getting called by Darrell Dicken with a straigh-flush draw… which didn´t improve, and doubled me up 🙂

Mediadonis at WSOP

You can also watch it on YouTube – Main Event Day 2B (3/5) about 5:45 minutes into the clip!

Btw. some might even recognize my signature skull-ring on the all-in move, which has found a new proud owner! 🙂

Affiliate TactiX rocked!

Sorry, german post again… but don´t worry – next posting will be in english again…

Lasset mich zuallererst ein Füllhorn Lob über Markus´ Kopf verschwenderisch ergießen… 🙂

Hut ab Markus für die gelungene Veranstaltung gestern – sowohl die Konferenz als auch der Stammtisch waren wirklich hervorragend organisiert und stellen definitiv eine Bereicherung für die deutsche Affiliate-Marketing Szene dar!
Leider hat es dann mit der Webmasters on the Roof Live-Show doch nicht so wie geplant geklappt, aber ich denke, dass der Videocast ganz nett geworden ist, und die Atmosphäre des Stammtisches gelungen einfängt.

Viele nette neue & alte Gesichter – Eve´s Papa (… übrigens, das Link-Kochstudio war echt stark!), die PermiumAffiliate-Macher Uli und Robert, Affiliate-Marketing Evangelist Karsten, Affililate-Marketing Masterbrain Mario, Anton Wolfgang aus Tirol, Herrenmode Freak Thorsten, Skuub (btw. nettes Video-Interview mit Markus) und viele andere…

In Gesellschaft schmeckt Bier doch gleich viel besser, als um 10 Uhr morgens allein am Küchentisch… 🙂

Kein Bund fürs Leben

Kein Bund fürs LebenSorry, this post is in german, since it´s about a german movie (which will most probaby never air in the US :-))

Einige von euch wissen ja (-> 5 things you didn´t know about me), dass ich vor etwas längerer Zeit an einem Kinofilm mitgeschrieben (auf Basis einer Idee von mir), bzw. diesen unlängst an eine renomierte amerikanische Filmproduktion verkauft habe. Mein con-genialer Co-Autor Carsten Funke, der im Gegensatz zu mir dieses (mir viel zu stressige) Gewerbe Fulltime betreibt, und ohne den dies alles nie möglich gewesen wäre, hat nun einen neuen Film in die Kinos gebracht -> Kein Bund fürs Leben

Kein Bund fürs Leben ist derzeit die neue Nr.2 in den deutschen Kinocharts, und auch die Fachpresse ist sich einig:

Der „Stern“ schreibt: „… zackige Einzeiler, deftigen Männerhumor und
jede Menge schlüpfriger Gags.

Der „Focus“ weiß: „… platte Fäkal-Witze allein reichen nicht aus …

Der „Stuttgarter Zeitung“ fiel auf: „… die Frauen in dieser Komödie
(…) haben keinen leichten Stand. Sie sind vor allem eins: willig.

und sogar Carstens Vater sagte: „… der Film ist ja gar nicht so doof, wie ich
“ 🙂

Ich hab den Film leider noch nicht gesehen, werde das aber selbstverständlich diese Woche nachholen! Als ehemaliger gedienter Bundeswehrsoldat (und seit letztem Jahr auch endlich nicht mehr Reservist…) ist der Film sowieso Pflicht für mich!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch Carsten zum großen Erfolg – a new star is born!

Und Ihr da draußen -> reingehen!
Mehr Infos zum Film gibt´s bei der IMDB, und weil´s so schön ist, hier noch der Trailer…

KEin Bund fürs Leben…. Bundeswehr Trailer – MyVideo