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Google, eBay and the enviroment

CO2 Emissions are the number one reason for the global warming, and the U.S. are by far one of the biggest CO2 emitters in the whole world! Now we internet geeks may think we´re the good guys, not responsible for any of those emissions, but think again…

As you probably remember, back in Jan of 2007, Mark Ontkush discovered how Google could save an astonishing 750 megawatt-hours per year just by making it’s background black
So Google could save over 72 tons of CO2 emissions per month if they would just change their background from white to black!

Now it seems Rolf Kersten, an engineer who uses Google and saved our world from evil spidermans, has found a similar fact in regards to EBay.
Every single auction on eBay needs as much energy as a 30-watt lightbulb burning for one hour! Which means, that every eBay auction is responsible for 0.5 ounces of CO2 emissions!
How do you get that number? Well, eBay has about 15.000 servers in computer centers. Every Server needs about 600 watt for operation and cooling. Now everey week, there are about 105 million auctions going on at eBay – do the math!

So, eBay is responsible for over 1.783 tons of CO2 emissions a week!

CO2 Emissions
Is it time to introduce a „Enviromentally friendly“ seal for websites? 🙂

SEOs down the river

FridayNite just posted the first picture of our SEO Rafting-Trip to Innsbruck / Austria yesterday, and I´m just gonna steal the picture 🙂


It was really a great trip – hat tip to Markus of for the great idea, and perfect organisation! And to Jens over at for pinging me about the event, while I was in Vegas! I really had a blast! reloaded

As you can probably see, I did a „little“ redesign on my blog (unless of course, you´re reading me via an RSS reader…).
I actually planned to do that a long time ago, but never really had the time to do it – I don´t know why I did it today, since I got quite some other stuff to do… I just started, and couldn´t stop 🙂

I moved the Stickam Player for the live webcam chat during our Webmaster on the Roof shows to the Webmasters on the Roof Homepage, where it should be anyways (although I always had a nice chunk of traffic coming to my site on tuesdays, since everybody had to login over my site :-))

I also finally included a contact form! Up until now, I didn´t even publish my eMail-adress on here, and people where mailing me on various eMail adresses they found around the web (of which some might not be that current anymore…). So if you want to get in touch with me, just shoot me a mail via the contact form!

How do you like my new design? I´d love to hear some comments and critizism 🙂

All sorts of stuff…

Greetings from SES San Jose – it f***ing rocks 🙂
Yesterday was probably one of the best sessions I´ve ever attended at SES – „Are paid links evil“ with Googles very own Matt Cutts (disclaimer: he didn´t pay for this link!), Graywolf, Todd, Stuntdubl, Malicoat, Todd, Oilman, Friesen, Greg and some weird dude…

Really a great debate with good points on both sides (well, it was basically Matt vs. the rest of the SEO-World :-))
Rand has a pretty good writeup of the session -> read it!

And unlike Greg I give some love to the secretly shot video (hat tip to

And I uploaded some pictures from yesterday´s Google Dance to my FlickR account – check them out!
Great times!

And speaking of Google – I just read on OneToOne (I actually stumbled upon it on Peter´s Blog), that Google Germany´s first employee (and Country Director of Sales) Holger Meyer is leaving Google at the end of the month! Pretty sad, Holger was really a nice guy and definetly a pioneer for Google Germany! Good luck on your next adventures Holger!

How the SEO Grinch stole Christmas

SEO Grinch
Thanks PepperMaggie for the great pic 🙂

If you wanna see some better picture especially from Kris Jones´ wedding last weekend – shoemoney just put some up – take a look!

I even have a quick fun panning shot of our table at the wedding reception for you guys – it was really a great time (as you can probably tell :-))

Meet the Pepperjam All-Stars

Last Friday Kris Jones, Mike Jones, Shoemoney and myself did a special Pepperjam Meet-the-Team – meet the Pepperjam All-Stars! It´s actually 3 parts, since the whole interview is about 30 minutes long – but it´s definetly worth to watch! It was a lot of fun recording it! So check it out:

-> Meet the Pepperjam All-Stars

Pepperplex Tour

Since tonights Show of Webmasters on the Roof will be live from the Pepperplex in beautiful Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, I thought I give you guys a little impression. So I walked a little through the office, and talked with some of the pepperjammers… It´s really by far the coolest working enviroment I´ve ever been in, and I just love this place! No wonder, why these guys & girls are the best online marketing company in the U.S.!
Well, judge yourself…

For the better full – 306 MB Version of the Video go to Google Video – definetly better!

The Girls of Pepperplex Mansion

Shoemoney & Dave are in town for Kris Wedding as well (Shoemoney is actually even in the wedding), and so Shoe did his Free Shirt Friday live at the pepperplex with the famous Pepperjam Inc500 Shirt (remember this shirt? :-)) and only a few of the hundreds of pepperjam-girls (in Shoemoney-Shirt Camouflage…)

Sure thing, I as well wanted a picture with the world-famous Girls of Pepperplex Mansion!

The Mediadonis and the Pepperjammers
Click to enlarge

See why I love this company? 😉

Speaking at a4u Expo London

I arrived in Wilkes-Barre yesterday, getting ready and pumped up for Kris – King Pepper – Jones wedding on saturday!

Just a quick notice – I will be speaking at a4u Expo in London on the 25th and 26th of october this year! This should be a great conference – a ton of cool fellow speakers like Jason Duke, Duncan Jennings, Joost de Valk, and as I found out today -> Kris Jones, too!

Actually I´ll be on a panel with Jason and Joost called „Extreme SEO Q&A“ – ha, that will be fun 🙂

It´s just 179 GBP for affiliates if you register until 31st of august, so give yourself a push and join us in London – it will be a blast!