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Greetings from the Pool…

… really the only thing you can do around here at those temperatures… 🙂

Work hard, party hard!

Bob – the God of Poker-SEO – Rains put up a little surprise pool party at the cool Artisan all-suites hotel for my 30th birthday yesterday… great times! I really didn´t do a lot of pictures, but I did a little panning shot of the venue – check it out:

I´m still a little bombed – probably hang out at the pool the whole day today 🙂

Mediadonis 3.0

Forget Web2.0, it´s Mediadonis3.0!
Thanks for all the nice calls, text-messages and eMails I received – i had quiet a lot to do this morning answering every one of those 🙂

Right now, I´m waiting for Bob – SEOBrains – Rains to arrive here in Vegas, to get drunk & stupid with me! I haven´t been partying a lot over here yet, being so busy playing poker – so I´m really looking forward to party a little in the city of sins!

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Salvation!

A couple of things before I head out to the pool…

Mister Wong falls in love with the Mediadonis just entered the Mister Wong Blogcharts on position Nr. 4 – whoa! Hat tip to Lennart, the God of AdWords, Paulsen coming in position nr.6!

Next stop after the WSOP? PokerNight! is hosting the PokerNight in 4 german cities, with a big final held in munich. Sure thing I registered for the qualifier in munich on the 21st of september! Since both me and FridayNite are a little bit more serious about poker, we came up with the idea to put a bounty on our heads! We haven´t decided about a price yet, but if you kick either me or Friday- the only SEO with an age bonus -Nite out of the tournament, you´ll receive a special price!

I don´t play with dolls!
Another hat tip goes to Cassandra of for finding out, that little Eve was portraying me here – great job 🙂

Going crazy?
I´m on Sphinn now (how the hell do you pronounce that…?? btw. „spinnen“ means „being crazy“ in german…) – come on and be my friend (or stalk me… :-))

Link of the Day
And the link of the day goes to 15 unfortunatly placed ads – thanks for the great collection, I spilled coffee all over my keyword laughing so hard!

I love Gadgets

I just bought the new Sony Vaio UX Micro PC. Damn, that thing rocks so bad!

Sony Vaio UX

Live to fight another day!

For everybody, that can not follow my german poker blog – I survived day 1 of the WSOP Main Event!! Although I sat on a table with poker superstar Humberto Brennes, I managed to accumulate 47.100 chips, which means solid midfield for the upcoming day 2 on wednesday!

But here´s the best part – at the end of the day I was moved to the ESPN Featured Table with 2003 WSOP Main Event Champion Chris Moneymaker! So you´ll be able to see my on ESPN defending my stack vs. 2 of the most famous poker players in the world 🙂

Man on the Moon

Tonight I´ve been invited to the spectacular PokerStars Supernova Party on top of the Palms at Moon. And besides all of the great Team PokerStars Players, look who I also met there…

Shannon Elisabeth
Shannon Elisabeth (Remember American Pie?…)

Kinda hard appreciating the fabulous view, when you chat with Shannon 🙂
But take a look at the amazing view

View from Moon

I even made a little video, doing a short panning shot

Google expands to Germany

Gerade beim aufräumen gefunden… ein Artikel aus der eMarket (20/2000):
Google wird deutsch

Google Artikel
(click to enlarge)

Wirklich ein lustiger Artikel 🙂
Meine Lieblingsstellen sind:
„Eine deutsche Niederlassung mit Büro ist zunächst nicht geplant. „Wir werden vielleicht in einem halben Jahr in zwei europäischen Städten kleine Sales-Büros aufbauen, doch es wird keine offiziellen Vertretungen in den verschiedenen Ländern geben“

Sorgen macht Ihm allein die Internet-Adresse, die bereits von anderen reserviert ist – von „Cybersquattern“

My landlord is a Googler!

As of yesterday, my longtime friend and landlord Patrick Warnking joined Google! Great job by Niels (I know it was you mate :-)), getting one of the best blue chips in the german online marketing sphere! Rock on Patrick!