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Viagra für alle!

Sorry, this is a german post, since the article I´m referring to is in german too…

Gerade bei Sü gefunden -> „Blaue Pillen im Briefkasten
Lesenswerter Artikel über die Jagd nach den Hintermännern der Viagra Spam-Mails – nette Story!

Weekend Madness

I had an absolutly great weekend! On friday night I´ve been to the spectacular opening of Nektar at the new Maximilianeum location (that´s where the legislative assembly of bavaria is located at). Nektar by itself is definetly one of the hottest restaurants in the city, since you dine while lying on a huge bed (like at the famous SupperClub) – and the new location is just astonishing! Great food, music and people – Nektar will be at Maximillianeum for only two more weeks, so don´t wait & check it out!

And on a total contrast, on sunday I joined four of my former dancer friends at a huge party a bit outside of munich (today has been a national hol. Kinda made me miss my former second job a little, but it´s still been loads of fun, since the girls gave their best – as always 🙂

Nektar München Bild 1
Nektar München Bild 2
Nektar München Bild 3
Nektar München Bild 4
Nektar München Bild 5
Nektar München Bild 6
GoIn Bild 1
GoIn Bild 2
GoIn Bild 3
GoIn Bild 4

Wonderful Day

Last weekend I´ve been to the famous horse racing track in Iffezheim, where the most prestigious horse race of the year – the spring festival – took place.

Me, and some friends wanted to buy the 2-year old „Download“ (no, not just because of the kick-ass name :-)), who was supposed to start in the bavarian youth price, but cause of his desastrous condition we decided to pass, which turned out to be a good idea, since he wasn´t even starting in the race.

But our Baden-Baden horse owner Posse had another starter in the field – the 5 year old mare „Wonderful Day“ – who won 4th place in the 7th race of the day – the Flemington Trophy! Great job Wonderful Day (and Jockey Markus Kolb)!! Seeded with a quote of 140:10 (!) a real suprise to anyone! Really made us a wonderful day – as you can see 🙂

Pferderennen Iffezheim
Pferderennen Iffezheim
Pferderennen Iffezheim
Pferderennen Iffezheim
Pferderennen Iffezheim
Pferderennen Iffezheim
Pferderennen Iffezheim
Pferderennen Iffezheim
Pferderennen Iffezheim
Pferderennen Iffezheim

More pictures? -> Pferderennen Iffezheim at FlickR

Here´s the video of Wonderful Day´s Race:

and some serious celebration 🙂

Stop feeding Roxy!

Roxy, Pepperjams awesome mascot and definetly one of the coolest dogs I know, has gained an astonishing 125 pounds (which is roughly 60 kilogramms!!) in the last couple of month… -> take a look:
(It´s probably Kim, the Goddess of Online Marketing, Noler, that´s feeding Roxy all the time… :-))

Fat Dog

My Vacuum Cleaner from the Future

I´m the proud owner of a new Dyson root 6 Badass handheld vacuum-cleaner!! That thing freaking rocks! Looks like a lasergun from the next episode of Star Trek – it has never been more fun to vacuum away spiders 🙂

I´m really never been that much of a cleaning type of guy, but I´m a geek – and if there´s a tool, that makes that shitty task more worth my while -> I´m in!!


New Blog on the Block

Neil, the God of SMO, Patel (you may know him from the awesome Linkbuilding Blog) got a new blog -> QuickSprout (whatever that means in german – I have no idea…) – check it out!

Black Hat vs. White Hat

Since me and Bob weren´t able to settle this eternal battle during our panel at the Casino Affiliate Convention, we decided to fight it out, in a 4 o´clock in the morning drunk wrestling match right in the lobby of the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky… 🙂

Casino Affiliate Convention Amsterdam kicked ass!

Finally some pictures from the Casino Affiliate Convention I spoke at last weekend in Amsterdam. What a great conference!! Since I´ve never been to Amsterdam before, I really had blast just being in this awesome city – but the conference (I unfortunatly had to leave early for PubCon Hannover…) was just ass-kicking great!!
I finally met some people in person I only have been dealing online with so far, which was kind of cool – and I also met a lot of old friends from the industry (sorry, I won´t blog any names :-)).

The Panel I spoke on – „White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO: Trends, Techniques, Strategies and Suggestions“ was also really great! Thanks to Bob, JasonD, Dominique and Itay for the lively discussion! I think it´s safe to conclude that Black hat definetly won the battle 🙂
(unfortunatly I don´t have any pictures yet from the panel, but I hope some of the ones that got taken during the panel will show up somewhere in the near future…)

Bob Rains kissing the Mediadonis
Bob Rains from Everest Poker
The Mediadonis and the strange Transvestite
CAC Amsterdam
CAC Amsterdam
Mediadonis speaking on BlackHat SEO
CAC Amsterdam
CAC Amsterdam
CAC Amsterdam
Bob Rains kissing the Mediadonis

PubCon Hannover Roundup

German Post (sorry, but since noone from the US was at PubCon Hannover it probably makes sense blogging this in german…)

Die PubCon war mal wieder der Oberhammer!
Leider habe ich nicht wirklich viele Fotos gemacht, aber ich dachte mir, dass sowieso wieder mehr als eine Handvoll Leute fotografieren, so dass ich mich dieses Mal voll aufs Trinken konzentrieren konnte 🙂
Hier aber noch ein paar Impressionen unserer neuen Kampagne zur Unterstützung bedürftiger SEOs ->
Arm trotz Arbeit

Arm trotz Arbeit
Arm trotz Arbeit
Arm trotz Arbeit

Mehr Fotos und Berichterstattung gibt´s hier (ich halte mich genau wie Mario etwas kurz…):

Jemand vergessen?…
See ya all next year!