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More beer is here

The Postman just brought me a huge package, and to my surprise it was 10 bottles of all kinds of beers (even an EroticBeer… :-))! Take a look:


Since I was complaining during our last show of Webmasters on the Roof, that our silent guests from nonstopConsulting didn´t bring us any beer, and therefore leaving us dry and sober for a change, the LandbierDealer to the rescue, sent this awesome package of assorted beers to get us drunk again for the next show – great idea! 🙂

And apparently great offline-linkbait, too – since FridayNite apparently got the same package, he will probably get a nice honorable mention in tomorrows show as well (and yes, a backlink too :-))

No, this shall not be a call for sending us beer -> because, what would Matt Cutts say about this? With all the discussion going on about paid links, I´d probably jeopardize my blog´s linklove, giving away free links in exchange for beer! 🙂
I don´t know if this kinda deal is covered in the Google Webmaster Guidelines…

Friday Fun

Google vs. God:

Google vs. God
Great find Haochi!

And if you really want to laugh about something -> Star Wars translated into Chinese, and then back again to english… just hillarious!!

What magazines do I read?

MarketingPilgrim Andy Beal startet a little meme asking „what magazines do you read?“. I got pinged by Kris, the real Dr.Pepper, Jones, so I don´t want to miss out on telling you, what magazines I normally read:


  • Der Spiegel
  • Wirtschaftswoche
  • Cardplayer
  • Stern
  • Men´s Health
  • Wired
  • Havard Business Review

I also like:

  • Maniac (that´s not a magazine for lunatics, it´s more like a magazine for videogamers…)
  • Internet Professionell (sometimes interesting, but especially the seo topics suck)
  • Focus
  • c´t

Since I mostly read german stuff, I want to tag some german SEOs – so please
Gerald, Jojo, Frank & Spargel-Franz – which magazines do you guys read on a regular basis?

German SEO Lookalikes

Inspired by Barbara – SEOWife – Bosers great Blogpost and Matt´s recent SEO Lookalikes addition, I thought about the lookalikes for some german SEO hereos…
Like -> if there ever would be a movie about the german seo community (what a great idea for a movie!!), who would play…

Thomas Promny -> Brendan Fraser

Ron Hillmann -> Al Pacino

Alan Webb -> Patrick Stewart

Sistrix -> George Clooney

Olaf Krüger -> Johnny Depp

FridayNite -> James Woods

Kolja Hebenstreit -> Cody McMains

Got any more lookalikes in your mind? -> Please feel free to comment 🙂

Video Interview at the Pepperplex

Kris from Pepperjam just posted a video interview he did with me, while I was visiting him at the end of the world the pepperplex in wilkes-barre, PA!
-> Check it out!

Mediadonis at Pepperplex

On Friday I rented a car to drive to the end of the world, also known as Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, to visit my good friends of Pepperjam at the Pepperplex (just a mere 4 1/2 hours drive away :-))…
Really great, that I finally got to see the Pepperplex and hang out with a lot of the Pepperjammers (and especially my favourite Affiliate Marketing Manager in the Industry, Kim Noler :-))
Thanks again Kris for having me over at the Pepperplex – I really had a great time!

party at the pepperplex
party at the pepperplex

More Pictures? -> Mediadonis at Pepperplex


I just uploaded some pictures from last night – check´em out:

-> SES NY 2007 Photos

Great party by Pepperjam (as well as Vintage Tub & Bath…, Hitwise etc…). And what a cool thing, to get a Limo-Bus!! I´ve never seen anything like that before! You don´t know what I´m talking about – just watch the video:

It´s basically a bus, which looks like a Limo inside – really cool!

And here´s a piece from the dinner we went to at that awesome Manhattan Penthouse!

No sleep till Brooklyn…

I had a rough night yesterday – getting into New York at about 6pm, and driving directly to the party at Town Tavern, sponsored by my good friends from Best of the Web and Text Link Ads. And what a great party it was – damn… 🙂
I just remembered driving home in a cab totally hammered at about 6 o´clock german time… and that´s exactly how I felt this morning!
But no time to rest – tonight is the big party from Pepperjam, with Limo-Service from the hotel for hardcore alcoholics like me 🙂
Btw. Pepperjams very own Kris and Mike will be guest at tomorrows Webmasters on the Roof LIVE Show from the SES Expo Hall – you don´t wanna miss out on that!

But oh well – I´ve actually been to a session today – the „Ads In A Quality Score World“, which was actually pretty good. Especially if you´re a hardcore SEO like myself, who just startet the PPC game a few month ago (who needs paid traffic when there´s free organic stuff lying around?…). I mean, „Quality Score“ – there was a time, when I thought that´s an expression, when you picked up a great looking girl at a party … 🙂

But I want to share the most interesting thing I picked up at the session. Nick Fox, the Group Business Product Manager for Ads Quality at Google, confirmed, that there are actually 2 different Quality Scores. There´s one, which determines wether or not your ad gets shown, and what you got to pay for it, and the other one determining your AdRank. And the landing-page only matters for the first one. That was pretty new to me.

Search Engine Ranking Factors 2.0

Rand just released the new version of his Search Engine Ranking Factors Document! If you there was only one single thing you´d wanna read about SEO, it should definetly be this! The first version, which was released in August 2005 is probably one of the most read SEO articles in the whole world, and I´m more then honoured to be a contributor to the new version! (as Rand quotes: „This document represents the collective wisdom of 34 leaders in the world of organic search engine optimization.„… great to be a part of this – glad I could help!
-> Search Engine Ranking Factors