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Mediadonis at Googleplex Hamburg

Lennart, the God of Adwords, Paulsen already spread the news, but I don´t wanna miss out on blogging some pictures of my visit at the Googleplex Hamburg, where I was guest at the weekly „tech talk“ talking a little bit about SEO and Spam (why is it, that evereybody always wants to hear about spam… :-))…

Really great stuff! It was lots of fun, and a great experience for me talking at my favourite company about the stuff I love the most. Thanks so much Lennart and Joachim for this opportunity!

Mediadonis bei Google 1
Mediadonis bei Google 2
Mediadonis bei Google 3
Mediadonis bei Google 4
Mediadonis bei Google 5
Mediadonis bei Google 6
Mediadonis bei Google 7
Mediadonis bei Google 8

Thanks Everest!

Thanks to my good friends at Everest Poker, I´m invited to the „Casino Royal – Soccer meets Poker“ Poker Tournament in the VIP-Lounge of the BayArena in Leverkusen tomorrow! Everest Poker has been partnering up with Bayer 04 Leverkusen (Bayer 04 Leverkusen is a Soccer-Club, playing in the Bundesliga – the german pro soccer league), and this tournament is sort of a welcome VIP-Tournament with a lot of players from Bayer Leverkusen attending as well as some other sponsors – and of course the Mediadonis 🙂 … don´t worry, you´ll see the pictures!

Blinded by the light

Man, I kinda miss my job as a gogo-dancer…
I just got the link to a new music video friends of mine danced it (and sure did a terrific job :-))
It´s a house-style cover-version of „blinded by the light“ from Manfred Manns Earth Band remixed munichs very own DJ-Mastermind Michael Mind.
Great job Melly, Rita, Jarly and Cinzia! Take a look:

The Tanzmaus also danced in a music video just a few weeks ago, but the video isn´t out yet. It´s by the german techno icons Scooter (not really my kinda music, but the video will sure rock!) – she put up some pictures of the video shoot here – can´t wait to see the video!

Death by success…

I had a story on the frontpage this week, causing over 300.000 visitors in the last 5 days on that peticular site. Now I got a written warning from my provider, cause I´ve been exceeding my 100GB download volume this month (with actually over 380GB)… not only do I have to sign a form, which states, I have to forbear to exceed my traffic volume in the future, they furthermore got the right to kill of my contract without further notice if I do so!! OMG!!! So what do I do now?? I still get about 30.000 Visits a day from hundreds of blogs and forums, that linked to my story. So do I now have to pull the plug, so my site doesn´t get deleted by my provider, giving any random cybersquatter domain-snapper the catch of his life? 🙂
I would upgrad my package, but apparently they didn´t give me that option – „don´t get any more Traffic“ seems to be the call…
So PLEASE don´t visit that site! … 🙂

XMan knows…

XManOur new intern at the CIA, the mighty powercoder XMan, started blogging this week! Check him out at


So I can finally sit back and relax a bit,letting him post all the BlackHat stuff – to brushen up my WhiteHat image a little 🙂

Oh, and if you´re german, and like to read about BlackHat stuff, make sure to stop by Cyb´s Blog – awesome stuff!

nonstopConsulting rocks!

Thanks to my good buddies at nonstopConsulting, I was watching the awesome 2:1 FC Bayern Munich victory over Real Madrid in the second round of the ChampionsLeague yesterday live in the stadium! Thanks so much you guys – it was really a great game (although they serve only alcohol-free beer in the stadium at ChampionsLeague games… stupid!)
nonstopConsulting just rocks my socks!

Bayern München vs. Real Madrid

Black hat with a white vest

Kris, the Godfather of PPC, Jones just sent me a link to a nice searcharazzi article on SearchEngineLand


I guess we definetly have to cut back on our drinking while doing the show 🙂

I think, lately I get pushed a little bit into the BlackHat corner, although I don´t really see myself as a BlackHat anymore, doing way more legitimate WhiteHat stuff for clients the past year then the years before! But oh well…

I just got the news, that I´ll be speaking at SearchEngineStrategies Munich!! Great stuff! And guess what in which panel… -> „The Spam Debate“ … well, who would have thought that? 🙂

So, let´s recapture…
I´m speaking at:

– Casino Affiliate Convention: „Casino Spam
– PubCon Hannover: „The Spam Report
– SES Munich: „The Spam Debate

well, I guess I made my bed, and now I have to lie in it 🙂